Just last week, I had an opportunity to meet up with folks in the picture below for a three day discussion on Oracle Key Manager. To know more details about the three day program from Oracle University on OKM, please click here.

Met up with the group in the snap for a Pillar Axiom training in Doha. Thanks to them for choosing Pillar, an ou training on the same and more so for the moment below: If you’re already a specialist in Pillar storage, consider validating it by getting certified by Oracle.

Class photograph from MySQL Cluster session in Kuala Lumpur. Talking of another High Availability facility in MySQL named Replication, I invite you to read an interesting blog post on self healing recovery in MySQL 5.6 Replication here. For a detailed list of courses on MySQL database access this url.

Somewhere in Australia I conducted a three day session on OKM, an encryption product. So it comes as no surprise that the batch photograph published below is encrypted for security reason 😉 Learn about Oracle Key Manager and use it to obtain the AES 256 key to decrypt the photoContinue Reading

Friends from Yahoo who showed up for an OU program around MySQL. If there are people out there, who’d wish to know what OU has in offer for professionals well versed in MySQL Database Administration, please refer to the MySQL Performance Tuning and MySQL Cluster course description and schedule. AndContinue Reading