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Micro Focus Partner Enablement Session – NetIQ Identity Manager

An eight day marathon Micro Focus Partner Enablement session on NetIQ Identity Manager concluded this evening at Bangalore. As much as it was an engaging experience to have gotten a chance to discuss contents of the following three Micro Focus courses on NetIQ IDM, with an enthusiastic bunch of folks around there wasn’t any shortage of fun either. Grateful to each of ’em who attended this program for their active participation and co-operation.

NetIQ Identity Manager Administration
NetIQ Identity Manager Advanced Administration
NetIQ Identity Manager Customization

Go here to know more about Micro Focus Partner Program.

NetIQ Access Manager 4.2 Integration with Advanced Authentication 5.4 for Multi Factor Authentication

The following screen-cast demonstrates the integration of NetIQ Access Manager 4.2 SP2 with NetIQ Advanced Authentication Framework for Multi Factor Authentication using Email OTP.

Special thanks to my colleagues Anupkumar Rajan & Ravi Kiran Jayanthi for helping me get some of the basics right on the Micro Focus Access Management products.

I hope some you’d find the screen-cast useful. Enjoy!

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Advanced Authentication Plugin for NetIQ Access Manager [Not required for NetIQ Access Manager 4.3]