ForgeRock OpenAM Deployment Training in Bangalore, India

Just yesterday, I concluded a five day ForgeRock University training program on ForgeRock OpenAM at Bangalore. I wish to express my sincere gratitude to each one in the picture below for showing up for a ForgeRock University course on our Access Management solution and wish them success in their ForgeRock Projects.

To know what we discussed during the training or to subscribe for one such program, all details are here.

If you aren’t looking for a detailed program on our Products as the one you find in the link above, we do offer half a day free (as in beer) overview session on both ForgeRock OpenAM and ForgeRock OpenIDM, the details of which are below (keep checking the links below for the next occurrence):

ForgeRock OpenAM Product Overview
ForgeRock OpenIDM Product Overview

Lastly, if you are keen to validate/demonstrate your skills in ForgeRock OpenAM, check out ForgeRock Certified OpenAM Specialist Exam.

Again, to all my friends who dropped by for the OpenAM training, thanks for all the fun and learning.


ForgeRock OpenAM Deployment Session in Bangalore, India

A brilliant five day training on ForgeRock OpenAM by Matthias Tristl is reaching its conclusion today in Bangalore. Well, if you want to know what we learned on OpenAM in five days, the details are here. Have a look at the ForgeRock University page for other interesting programs.

Thank you Matthias, we had a lot of learning & fun: