I’ve already posted some entries around the ForgeRock OpenIDM, direct links to which are appended below in case you are interested: – ForgeRock OpenIDM Installation In a Linux Container” – ForgeRock OpenIDM Integration with ForgeRock OpenDJ – Setting up ForgeRock OpenIDM with MySQL – Configuring ForgeRock OpenIDM in a ClusterContinue Reading

No excuses for not doing this systematically, and I’m trying my best to break this bad habit of bulk uploads of class photographs and do it regularly instead. But for the time being, please forgive my laziness and live by my mass introduction of all fun loving, yet talented folksContinue Reading

At the beautiful campus of a Client in Pune, we concluded a five day discussion on Identity Manager. It is commendable that even after an energy sapping five day program from OU, folks still didn’t turn down my request to perform teach back on the concluding day of the program.Continue Reading