Using SAML Assertion Attributes in ForgeRock OpenAM – Episode 02/04 : Configuring SAML 2.0 Federation in ForgeRock OpenAM

This is the second entry from a series of four blog entries made around using SAML v2 Assertion attributes in an application protected by ForgeRock OpenAM. Reading/viewing this as an independent entry may not be a futile exercise, but it may seem more effective if the following order is followed while going through this topic:

1. Protecting a J2EE Application with ForgeRock OpenAM
2. Configuring Federation in ForgeRock OpenAM
3. Configuring Transient Federation in ForgeRock OpenAM
4. Using SAMLv2 Assertion Attributes

At end of this episode, the following is what you get:


So the diagram above shows a Circle of Trust established between two entities (an Identity Provider and a Service Provider), each of which is an OpenAM instance running in two different Linux Containers. In this scenario, a user (with id ‘demo’) has profile in both IDP and SP, and by virtue of Identity Federation, she manages to link those accounts, after which once she authenticates against the IDP, IDP can send a assertion to SP, validating the authenticity of the user.


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