Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays & a great New Year 2021!

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At the outset, let me hope you and yours are at a very safe distance from the COVID 19 chaos. Perhaps for the first time in the last several years, we may own a diary that might have similar entries for almost the entire year to which we bid farewell in another fortnight. Largely confined to the comforts of home, exploring the world that’s within us than the one outside, most of us have had to go through several first of its kind emotions and life experiences, which hopefully will stay as a unique hallmark to the Year 2020.

It’s folly to imagine a celestial rearrangement on the wake of a New Year that’d put the invisible creature that grounded us for the year in its entirety out of action. Several hundred thousands of our brave fellow beings across the globe have put their life on the line in serving those who were infected; many others have worked hard round the clock to help produce a remedy to this unprecedented pandemic situation. Their Herculean efforts shall yield positive results sooner, enabling us to set our social life in motion again. That’s our biggest hope for the New Year 2021!

In the ‘half-filled glass’ scheme of things, this might be one of those rare New Year occasions, when our personal goals take a backseat on our New Year resolution list, giving way to the welfare of humanity at large!

The festive season, like every year, brings with it an opportunity to remind oneself of the beautiful treasures in life, the prominent of which to me is your glorious company and strong influence in my life. I stay eternally grateful for that. Thank you!

Exercising all precautions to stand against the spread of CORONA virus, as we step into the holiday season, here’s wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas, happy holidays and a great New Year 2021!

–R Rajesh



I’m blessed to have known you. Can’t thank you enough for coming by this space to lend me your ears for a few moments, perhaps not the first time, if we’ve known each other for over a year. It has become a habit to scribble away a few thoughts at the fag end of the Year, which if there was an option, I would have preferred it to be a face-to-face, heart-to-heart dialogue. The retrospective mood that most of us get into at this time of the year, and the hopes we raise for a more promising future spanning next twelve months, I reckon, makes this juncture the most suitable one to touch base, renew and strengthen our link.

Historically, my New Year resolutions never yielded me six pack abs, fattened savings or sought-after skills on the CV. The knowledge and importance of a reasonable fitness regime, prudent spending and new life skill acquisitions don’t get granted any special powers on the first of January every year to be able to promptly translate into actions. We can give a shot at any noble goal at any part of the year. So of course, I’m not really building my hopes around a new calendar that’ll soon find its place on my wall, and will continue to stay open to everything that life has in offer, be it in Winter, Spring, Summer or Autumn.

But there’s something about the chilly weather, the street side illuminations, the Christmas Carols and Caravans that reminds me of all the good things that ever happened to me in my life. Without a doubt, the one that I cherish the most are the contacts that I happened to make with good-hearted souls like you, the fun we had, and the lessons learned from it. To the unseen force that made it all happen, I stay eternally grateful. 

So, with another year almost behind us, and a new one beckoning, just when we all take a relatively long pause to take stock of bygone events, realign future goals, recharge our batteries, reconnect with the wonderful humans surrounding us, I don’t want to miss an opportunity to repeat like a parrot that our relationship matters to me hell of a lot and that I wouldn’t have been what I’m today but for your kindness and affection. New Year resolutions hardly worked for me in the past but reconnecting with you have always made me happy. I feel tremendously thankful for your company and look forward to another great year that’ll put me in close contact with many more guiding souls like you.

Here’s wishing you from the bottom of my heart, Season’s Greetings, Happy & Memorable Holidays, a very Merry Christmas & a Grand New Year 2019!

Season’s Greetings and Advance New Year 2017 Wishes

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Either we know each other fairly well, so you were ushered here to read what I’ve written, or maybe you got dropped here quite accidentally, browsing away the World Wide Web. Either way, grateful for coming by.

For more than a decade, I’ve diligently followed the ritual of publishing here a note, just around this time of the year when we’ve at hand a brand new calendar waiting to occupy our desk. It’s astonishing how fast time flies, as memories of scribing something similar a year ago is still so vivid. Life wasn’t in anyway stagnant between then and now and so do I presume it was for you too. Changes I’ve had in my life over the last dozen months are of scale so massive that a pause beckons to reflect, more so to digest it.Glad, we get a ‘new beginning’ once every twelve months (or at least we believe so).

It’s that time of the year when we feed ourselves with a double dose of optimism and may have in possession a long list of resolutions that we so hope to get right finally. Personally, I’ve almost always failed to live upto my own agenda crafted on occasions as similar as this, so it’s common sense not to anticipate a perfect life transformation, just because I’ll soon have a new blank diary to journal life’s events. As such it’s hard to envisage flying cars and celestial rearrangements featuring on the opening page of my new diary, therefore I’d prefer to believe that life’s not going to be too different next year too. I do pray for the wisdom to remain open to learn from all lessons that life has in offer.

Nothing inspires me more than the human endeavours and all the hard work that goes into it. So be assured, I’ll continue to root for you for every noble goal that you have aimed to conquer. All the same, I do expect that if you desire to learn to swim, you’d jump into a pool NOW (under supervision) than wait for the New Year Celebrations to conclude. As always, wishing you the best!

I’m happy to know you and thankful to learn from you. I thank God constantly for every single opportunity that has come on my way, prominently the ones that connected us. And occasions such as New Year are excuses for me to get back talking to you and to sincerely thank you for being there for me. I know the New Year 2017 is still some days away. I did have a choice to wait until I grab my new diary to reach out to you for expressing my gratitude or to follow the dictates of my heart of doing it right”Here & Now”. Well, that was easy. As they say, “For Good things, delay not,” not certainly till the dawn of a New Year. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for everything you’ve done for me, and here’s wishing you Wonderful Holidays, Very Merry X’mas and a Happy & Prosperous New Year 2017!