New Year Wishes – Year 2016

When the clock hands sweep two more rounds, our life takes a turn, or at least that’s what some of us believe. Not this year alone, but for several years that have gone by, many of us perhaps anticipated a complete make over once every dozen months. Three weeks into changing our calendars, a good number of us tore apart a list of life changing activities , quite seriously drafted over a New Year Eve, on every New Year Eve maybe,  one that’s not too different from what we may have in possession today. Agreed, all of it is past and is way behind us, but with a fresh start in place we might be brimming with confidence, backed up by an unprecedented optimism to run through a brand new set of resolutions that’ll keep our waistline in check, maintain a steady spend pattern, polish CV with new impressive skill sets, and last but not the least, strike a balance in life. May it be so!

A research says that a goal set on Monday or similar “temporal landmarks” is pursued more seriously than otherwise. While I don’t know of a data that talks the same way of a goal set on a New Year, I wish you achieve all of that you’ve in your mind in the year to come. Personally, I continue to believe that to gain something in life, we ought to set a goal, develop strong will, work hard, maintain enthusiasm, persevere and be grateful. For that, we can take a call ‘Here and Now’, not necessarily only on a New Year Eve.  Well, that makes my New Year look Black & White, devoid of any thrilling action. But when the world is taking a pause to reflect on the glory days of life in the past twelve months, laugh away the mistakes made, overcome the pain of losses, and look forward to offer a warm welcome to a New Year, let me stop by you to say , “Thank you”, for whatever role you played in my life, not just in the year that’s passing by, but for ever and a day, in making me what I’m today or putting me where I stand.

If we have known each other for some years now, you know well of my ritual to reach over to you on this very occasion, largely to let you know that you are in my thoughts, strong as ever before, and that I stay grateful to you for being there for me. I’ve always held my faith onto the invisible architect, who I believe, carefully constructs moments after moments in our life, even that of connecting us through Channels that, at times, appear so very strange. It’s foolish not to say “Thank God” in a note that has gratefulness painted all over it.

And if life is made up of many moments, why not spend some of it on the last day of this year in Fun and Celebration. Like you, I hardly fancy a New Year sans difficult events. All the same, I hope we can all pump in enough positivity to as much of moments as we can in the coming year for a flourishing life. So before you get busy with the fireworks tonight, here’s wishing you, your friends & family, from the bottom of my heart, a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous Year 2016.


  • Hi Rajesh,

    Wishing you and your family a very happy and prosperous NEW YEAR.

  • Dear Rajesh,

    Very well articulated new year wishes.It was very pleasing to read through them.

  • Srinivas Gopinath Parimi

    Hi Rajesh,

    Thank you for being my mentor.
    I wish you a very happy, healthy and wealthy new year!

    Have a nice time. Enjoy well.


  • Wwonderful Rajesh, it was an ice smooth article.What a way to convey..Wish you a great and prosperous new Year !!

  • Vinayak Harishchandrakar

    Hello Rajesh, sorry for the delay in wishing you happy and prosperous 2016. I absolutely loved both thoughts and articulation of you blog. Well done. I think they are universal in nature and applies to almost all of us. Hence I am tempted to share it further with my friends who haven’t had privilege to receive it. But not without seeking your approval. I will be the messenger not only in forwarding the link further but also bringing their comments and feedback to you. It work or be my pleasure. Let me know. Thx again – Vinayak

  • Happy new year to you and your family Rajesh .


  • Dear Rajesh Sir,

    Sorry for delay in wishing you happy new year and your family.

  • Nice message..Application and Perseverance is equally important.

  • It’s taken me 3 months and a few days to get around to reading this. But I am glad to say that it was a very refreshing read. So maybe it was worth the wait. We got to meet sometime soon.

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