Still on DSEE? Try ForgeRock OpenDJ

This post in inspired by Ludovic Poitou’s reply to a thread in the ForgeRock OpenDJ Forum around DSEE to ForgeRock OpenDJ migration. Consider this to be just a hint, and not an answer. In a video log that’s embedded just below this write up, you’ll see some clues on a couple of different methods that you could consider to move away from a product that’s now in sustaining stage to ForgeRock’s Directory Services Solution. I don’t need to mention here how important a task it is to carefully draft a plan for migration from one product to another, and I’m sure you’ll not take this video log as the only reference while doing so.

So if you’ve half an hour to spare, you’ll see in the video:
Act 1:
– A ‘Flash Back’ on DSEE installation and configuration
– Exporting the data from the DSEE instance
– Installation & Configuration of ForgeRock OpenDJ
– Importing the DSEE instance backup to ForgeRock OpenDJ
Act 2:
– Installation of ForgeRock OpenIDM
– Configuration of External LDAP Server (DSEE instance) as a Managed Resource in ForgeRock OpenIDM (using samples)
– Configuration of OpenDJ instance as a Managed Resource in ForgeRock OpenIDM (using the UI)
– Reconciliation between the DSEE instance (source) and OpenDJ instance (target)


2 thoughts on “Still on DSEE? Try ForgeRock OpenDJ”

  1. Questions:

    should you deploy openDJ on any app server to launch / administer Directory Server created?


    1. Hello Ajit,

      OpenDJ deployment is just an unzip of the OpenDJ binary file. Run the ‘setup’ command to configure OpenDJ. OpenDJ bundles and Swing based Administrative Console (Control Panel) , which can be used to administer the OpenDJ instance. Command Line tools are more popular for the administration purpose.
      In short, there is no Application Server in OpenDJ deployment.

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