ForgeRock OpenDJ Replication Across Linux Containers

I’ve already posted an entry on ForgeRock OpenDJ Installation in a Linux Container. If interested, you can read/watch it here. If you are already familiar with OpenDJ installation as a stand alone Directory Server instance and would like to know the very simple steps involved in setting up data replication, the following video log might be useful for you. The screen-cast below uses two OpenDJ instances running on two different Linux Containers to set up data replication. A great deal of information required for performing this demo was fetched from Ludo’s Sketches. ForgeRock Documentation that talks of OpenDJ Data Replication can be found here.

Sit back, relax, watch & enjoy!

2 thoughts on “ForgeRock OpenDJ Replication Across Linux Containers”

    1. @simon Thanks so much for your comment. I just picked up a tone that I could repeat throughout the screen-cast. The focus was well and truly on the content(demo). That said, I liked the music.

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