• Am looking for certification . Can you please help me.

  • Am looking for FR certification

    • Details about ForgeRock Certification is at the link here: https://www.forgerock.com/support/university/forgerock-professional-certification-exams

      It is mandatory that you attend a ForgeRock University Course on OpenAM for the OpenAM Certification.

      • Hi Rajesh, is there any only courses available for that? I have 3 years of experience working on OpenAM and OpenDJ. Now, I would like to get certified. Please let me know, where we can have online or self learning training availble in Indian time zone, specifically for exam preparation.

        I would like to thank you for all your video in YouTube. I have gone through many of your videos. Those are very helpful.

        Best Regards,

        • Hello Jayaswaroop,

          Thank you so much for all kind words. I’m happy to learn that the video tutorials at YouTube turned out to be useful for you.

          There is no course available from ForgeRock University specifically for the exam. The exam is based on ForgeRock OpenAM Core Concepts course (coded AM 400) from ForgeRock University. Attendance in this course is a mandatory requirement for getting certified. If you have gone through the said course before (either self paced or Instructor led), Kindly go through the material thoroughly as the exam is based on it.

          The online schedules are already listed on the ForgeRock University website. Let me know if you require any specific information.

          kind regards,

          –R Rajesh

  • Can i have some sample paper of RX-AM-CSE – ForgeRock Certified OpenAM Specialist Exam – English.

    • Hello Kiran,

      I do not know of any sample paper for the ForgeRock Certified OpenAM Specialist. If you have attended AM 400 course (ForgeRock OpenAM Core Concepts) from ForgeRock University (a requirement for the Certification Exam), then Kindly read the course material thoroughly as the exam is based on that course.

      All the best!

      kind regards,

      –R Rajesh

  • Hello Rajesh

    Do you provide forgerock online training ?

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