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On a May Day, upon mutual agreement, I’m meeting up with the folks in the picture below for the closing sessions of a course on Sun Fire Midrange Servers at Sun Office here in Bangalore. They are all Field Engineers and the course they are completing today covers topics somewhat close to the ones listed here, but with some additions and omissions.

Wishing all a long restful weekend!

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2 thoughts on “Sun Fire Midrange Servers Training in Bangalore

  1. Anil Sharma says:

    The whole life of Human is a learning for him.And we all learn things from our surroundings.
    But their are some great learnings and source of learnings , that really insprired us and become a ever green memory in our life.

    Dear Rajesh Sir, You are the one .

    Thanks for such a nice time with you.

  2. Pravin Kamthe says:

    Ever one need a source of motivation and inspiration for the race.
    The training that I have got from you was in such a nice way, that has provided the inertia and vision which is really helping me.

    Thanks for being so nice .


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