Getting Familiar with OpenLDAP

I made some video tutorials on OpenLDAP a couple of years ago. It was my humble attempt to help all those interested to familiarize with the LDAP concepts, more specifically OpenLDAP. Lazy me, it took a while for me to organize those videos into a YouTube playlist that you see embedded below:

All learning in there is done by doing. If any of you find some information useful in it, I’d consider my efforts to have not gone in vain.


  1. Good one Rajesh.

    Gurudatta N.R

  2. Hi Mr Rajesh thank you so much for your material it really helped a lot to know about ldap. I request you to also include a video of configuring openldap on a RHEL/Centos machine as we dont have a slapd.conf file in this OS and those are replaced with new CN=config file am unable to understand the clear configuration part. IT may help many more like me who desperate in need of this.

  3. Dear Rajesh,

    Greetings from Shama Technologies Limited!

    First of all, I would like to thank you so very much for the very informative and useful video tutorials on Open LDAP.

    However , after reviewing all your tutorials on this Open LDAP series, I noticed that the Access Control and Password Policy including the PPolicy overlay were only explained for scenarios when using only OLC.

    True, OLC is good and it is the future but I must admit , I found it complicated and yet I have an urgent project at hand to execute and does not need OLC that much.

    Kindly guide me on how to implement the Access Control and Password Policy including the PPolicy overlay using slapd.conf instead of OLC.

    My preferred OS is Centos 7 but even Solaris 11 is fine for me, so you can use any of those two OS’s for the explanation.

    Thank you.

  4. Hi Rajesh, thank you so much for Excellent videos on LDAP. I need your help in configuring LDAP in Jenkins server. I am setting up Jenkins server in my company, where I have to configure the LDAP settings. I have entered following fields, LDAP Server, root DN, User search filter, Group search filter, Manager DN by referring the existing server but I am not sure about the Manager Password entered. The team who configured the existing server is no more available and also there is no support from IT support.
    How can I get the Manager Password ?
    Generally from whom I will get the details of the LDAP server in any company ?
    I am blocked completely here, not able to proceed further. Please help me on this.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Author

      Hello Arun,

      You need to get in touch with the Directory Server Administrator to know the credentials of the super user account.


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