Getting Familiar with OpenLDAP

I made some video tutorials on OpenLDAP a couple of years ago. It was my humble attempt to help all those interested to familiarize with the LDAP concepts, more specifically OpenLDAP. Lazy me, it took a while for me to organize those videos into a YouTube playlist that you see embedded below:

All learning in there is done by doing. If any of you find some information useful in it, I’d consider my efforts to have not gone in vain.


  • Good one Rajesh.

    Gurudatta N.R

  • Excellent video. The easiest way to learn LDAP. Thank you very much, Rajesh.

  • Hi Mr Rajesh thank you so much for your material it really helped a lot to know about ldap. I request you to also include a video of configuring openldap on a RHEL/Centos machine as we dont have a slapd.conf file in this OS and those are replaced with new CN=config file am unable to understand the clear configuration part. IT may help many more like me who desperate in need of this.

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