Getting Familiar with OpenLDAP

I made some video tutorials on OpenLDAP a couple of years ago. It was my humble attempt to help all those interested to familiarize with the LDAP concepts, more specifically OpenLDAP. Lazy me, it took a while for me to organize those videos into a YouTube playlist that you see embedded below:

All learning in there is done by doing. If any of you find some information useful in it, I’d consider my efforts to have not gone in vain.

RESTful Operations on ForgeRock OpenDJ

In an earlier blog update we saw how we could interact with ForgeRock OpenAM using REST. In this episode, we’ll look at the RESTful Operations on ForgeRock’s Directory Services solution OpenDJ. If you’re like me, you would have probably used commands like ‘ldapsearch’, ‘ldapmodify’ to operate on the Directory Server data, but may not have tried alternate ways of interacting with the product. In the screen-cast below, let’s explore how REST calls can be made instead of LDAP on to an OpenDJ instance to perform some of basic Directory Services operation. For a detailed study on the topic, I’d always recommend ForgeRock documentation on the topic.