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The much talked about Windows Vista is ready to be released soon. Well, if you have already made up your mind to invest on machines with great muscle power to run this new OS, then I strongly suggest you to read this article and then take that all important decision of running your critical applications on this new platform. Good luck.

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One thought on “Waiting for Micro$oft Windows Vista??

  1. guruparan says:

    You just stop with your Linux computer…dont come to Vista…I am running Windows Vista (beta,RC versions) for past 8 months as a production system in my office & also at my home..its great..with the same configuration, its good compared to XP…ITs REALLY GREAT!!!…The people who hate it might be due to the driver issues…which before jan 30th will be hosted in windows update…If you people dont know what is Vista…then please dont waste your time in yelling at it…Stick with your Solaris & Java!!

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