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Sun Learning Services has published a few videos on some of the “hot topics.” I recommend you to spare some time to watch these interesting videos. You may view/download these videos from here.

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2 thoughts on “Videos on “Hot Topics”

  1. Tony Heskett says:

    I tried to watch the SunCluster presentation last week, but only got 2kB/sec download speed; just the same, trying it now. Much too slow to stream.

    I downloaded 8+GB of debian yesterday, so I’m pretty sure I’m not the choke-point.

    Anyone there who can open the faucet a litle more?

  2. R Rajesh says:

    Tony you may consider downloading the video using the Sun Download Manager. That’s precisely what I did. And then watch it using the iTunes.

    Please copy paste the link into the Sun Download Manager and start downloading.

    Happy viewing:) Please keep me posted on your success.

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