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I’m back in Bangalore. The weather in Delhi had changed dramatically after my previous visit to this blog to post the weather update and since then, occasional rains in the capital city of India had kept all of us safe from probable sunburn. Perhaps, it was Nature’s generosity to keep things cool at the capital city from the chaos revolving around the Presidential Election, which is just around the corner; or may be it could well be a tribute to the eminent personality occupying the office of President at this point in time.

I couldn’t save myself though from a viral attack during my stay at Delhi and I still haven’t recovered from it completely. Thankfully, it showed up only the last day of the five day training program on New Features of Solaris 10 and hence did not have much of a negative impact in the overall context of this course. Gentlemen from HCL and Adobe, who came for this course believe that the changes and features in Solaris 10 are just too many to be discussed in five days time. I wouldn’t disagree with them. I’m putting them up in here, see if we have any common friends:

It’s a wet, windy evening here in Bangalore. Monsoon has arrived and along with it a number of problems affecting health. Well, we just can’t fight it, so let’s face it.

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2 thoughts on “The Monsoon Effect

  1. Pradeep says:

    No just wet and windy here, it is too chilly esp in the night. Looks like Oct.

  2. Vaishnavi says:

    Though Delhi’s Heat dint affect you!!!
    Seems to be cold affected you slightly!!
    Take care and enjoy the cold weather, but be careful, it might affect your throat…

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