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The flying time from Bangalore to Hyderabad is around one hour. Mine is scheduled to take off from Bangalore airport at 9:30 A.M. IST today. Roughly forty eight hours forward to that, I would find myself among thousands of developers from different parts of the country, listening to the visionaries, and learning things from Sun Evangelists on emerging technologies. This is second year in a row that Sun Tech Days is happening at Hyderabad. Detailed agenda here.

Before I walk out of my home to reach the Bangalore airport in time, I’ve a job to do, which is to show you all the folks whom I met last week for an onsite training on IDM 345. I had to put my friends through a bit of trouble in getting proper approval to carry my camera in. And the outcome of their efforts to render this favour to me is what you would see below:

Wishing all my readers a good week ahead and please stay tuned for the reports from Hyderabad on the rocking events at Sun Tech Days 2008.

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