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It appears to me that I would very soon become a popular figure among the ENT specialists in this part of the world. I am under medication again, this time it is a different doctor, but the reason remains the same: I have gone voiceless.

Thankfully, I survived my training this week that concluded last evening. I had received an E-mail from David Goldsmith the other day in response to my blog entry Deja Vu, kindly sharing with me his own bad experience during a training due to Laryngitis. He also mentioned to me the heroic story of an Instructor who suffered Laryngitis in the middle of a training and yet continued with his sessions, whispering the lectures to one of his students, who in turn communicated the same loudly in the class. The timely note from David full of wishes and encouraging words did a lot of good to the state of my mind. Thanks to him.

And below you would see my friends, who were at the receiving end when my throat was hesitant to let out words freely during the training. Thank you all for your cooperation and active participantion during the training program and really sorry about my voice:(

I am advised absolute voice rest and hence may not be in a position to pick up the calls over the next couple of days. Please bear with me for the same. Good weekend all of you:)

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One thought on “On Antibiotics Again

  1. Vaishnavi says:

    Rajesh, definitely all your participants would be very happy with your training, inspite of your health hazards…
    Will definitely pray God for your speedy recovery…
    Monday while meeting you, your voice will be clear, take care

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