On a Friday Night at 8:00 P.M.

You wouldn’t be blamed for hitting this post, hoping to read about Friday night party in one of many pubs in the city of Bangalore. I’ve friends who say, 8:00 P.M is night so young, feet so stable, mind so playful, setting a stage so perfect for some real weekend fun. Pardon me, in my tale, there isn’t any tinge of such party element. This note is still about a Friday, but not quite the usual ones with party mood painted all over it.

How could anyone party, when a workflow doesn’t quite behave the way one expects it to. You see the folks in picture below, I gave them enough heads up about the gigantic seventh module in the newly released IDM 4485 course. Yet, all of us ended up cracking workflow issues on even a Friday night, while rest others partied around. The clock stuck 8:00, when we parted on Friday, March the 14th. That’s how my first ever batch on IDM 4485 ended. It was quite an engaging week, just the way I expected it to be. And I guess none in the picture below would regret to have missed a party this bygone Friday. At least they didn’t say so.

This, perhaps, was one rare occasion when I met an audience, who had the pre-requisite of learning an Advanced IDM course, and it was such a pleasure to discuss in depth about Sun’s provisioning tool. At times, I stretched the theory sessions a bit too much, if avoided could have given my friends some more time to complete the labs. That, I will fix in my next batch for sure.

And yeah, in case you wonder, looking at the picture above, if this class happened in open air, that’s not the case. I acted a little too late to get an approval for taking my camera in, and the only way out was to bring all my participants out. After all, they deserve some fresh air after such an exhaustive lab sessions .

So that’s the story from me this week. I have landed up at Mumbai to start a training program on Sun Java System Communication Suite, which is a three day program, ensuring no one’s Friday party is spoiled this week.

Great week ahead, all of you

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