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At home in Kerala this weekend. Things are settling down here; well, it has to. My IDM4484 course concluded on Thursday(01/March/2007). Personally, I am not satisfied with the way things went during the four days of IDM 4484 course. I have a feeling that I indulged in lot many conversations outside the scope of subject and talked about various other products of Sun, which I now feel wasn’t really necessary. I should have insisted my participants to spend more time on the labs in IDM 4484 rather than deviating their attention to a variety of the products falling in the scope of Identity Management space. I also don’t think it is a good idea to take the class into the late evenings for several reasons. I might have to make some serious amendments in the way I deliver a course. And I am going to start doing so, starting tomorrow, when I would take the platform for the Sun Java System Access Manager course. I know it is a process that would take some time, but neverthless it requires a proper start.

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5 thoughts on “IDM 4484 – A Final Analysis

  1. Vaishnavi says:

    Taking extra hours in training is adding value to the candidates’ knowledge…
    They will be happy that the trainer is concentrating more towards them and trying to bring the best out, to improve their knowledge on IDM – 4484

  2. esesve says:

    So, you didnt like the way the class went??? What do the audience have to say?
    How is your trip to Kerala? How are you doing sir?

  3. yashwanth says:

    Personally, i would say the 2 hours or so which you took for giving us a broader picture has resolved many of our questions. What good is it if we learn idm without learning its scope.This has not only given us a great understanding of all the related tools, it has improved our passion towards the security domain.
    And if we have any queries in 4484…we will always get back to you.

  4. Vikas Arya says:

    Personally, I feel the training went along very good.
    Talking about related security technologies would always be preferred rather than sticking all the 4 days to the course.This helps the students in 2 ways-
    1.)break monotonous job of just learning Sun Identity Manager.
    2.)helps security consultant to correlate various orther related technologies to Identity mangement.
    3.)Also increases the visibility and help the consultant to view big picture of Identity management.

  5. Shankar says:

    I am sad to hear that you have actually planned to change the way you disseminate knowledge. I believe that the way you actually trained us on Adv. Deployment along with tid-bits of information thrown here and there did us more good than harm and actually broadened our knowledge horizon in IdM. I feel that you are better off training the way you are.

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