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In India, there are many who refer to this product as SIM and this product as SAM. So if you are one among them, you would be led to think of FAM as another in the lot. May be you’re right, but that’s a story for another day. For now, let me speak of about Five Adorable Moments @ CEC 2007 in Las Vegas.

* Marc in his speech passionately told, ” I’ve been at Sun 16 years now, and we’ve never had a lineup like this. I could not be more optimistic about this year, next year, and the next several years.”
* Emphasizing on the importance of listening to the customer requirements, Andy Bechtolsheim said in his presentation, ” For a change, we listened to these requirements.” This invoked a round of applause from the audience.
* Dave Douglas said, “You(audience) have a really bad reputation.” He said that he was given an idea by his colleagues about the audience sending feedbacks, questions and comments instantly, about the presentations. He then added, “Wait a minute, I am the VP of Eco Responsibility, I can fix this.” I heard a loud laughter and then I noticed this slide.
* Jonathan Schwartz in his keynote showed his favourite photograph and told us, “I see a Solaris download even in Antartica. And we don’t have a sales force there.
* In his inspiring keynote, Schwartz pointed at the Servers kept to his right and said, ” The most valuable asset is not this, but this (pointing to the audience).” Boy, doesn’t such words invoke goose-flush in all. I am sure it did, else there wouldn’t have been a heavy applause right after such a thunderous statement.

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