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Dr Karie Willyerd requires no introduction in Sun Microsystems. And when a top level executive like Dr Karie steps into the Sun Learning Center for a ‘ribbon cutting’ ceremony, it can be marked no less than a special event in the history of Sun Learning Services. And when I found myself a part of such a significant event, naturally there was a sense of excitement and, frankly, a bit of fear. With such sort of feelings lingering around the mind all through the day, on this very special day, there was hardly any idea about the contents of my blog this evening. My state of mind is no different even now and I doubt if I have enough vocabulary in my dictionary to detail to you the sequence of events that happened in the 4th floor of H J S Chambers in Richmond Road, Bangalore – Sun Microsystem’s new learning center in the Silicon Valley of India.

I have already briefed my long suffering readers about the new Sun Learning Center here in Bangalore and that story, I believe, needs no retelling. Today it looked more attractive than ever with plenty of decorations all around the place.

A Red Carpet Welcome to Dr. Karie Willyerd and other Sun Executives was followed by the much awaited ‘ribbon cutting’ ceremony at around 1800 hours IST, signifying the official opening of Sun’s Learning Center operations in this part of the world. I wasn’t present there, for I had an audience to speak to about Sun Cluster, which I shall continue to do over the next four days as well, and I am as ignorant as you are on the frame by frame details of the most important moment of the day at the center this evening. But then, sticking to the old adage, ‘A picture speaks a thousand words,’ let me put my lips to silence and display to you the most signficant moment in the Learning Center this evening.

Traditionally, in India a lamp is lit during all the major functions and behind such an act there exists a very serious and profound thought that by lighting the lamp we remove darkness. Light is knowledge and darkness is ignorance. If at all this thought and action fits anywhere, it fits the best in the field of Education. And today during the inaugural function of the new Learning Center of Sun Microsystems, five prominent men from Sun lit the lamps at the center. Again, I am going back to the background, bringing to you in the foreground those moments in the form of some photographs.

I was fortunate to have Dr. Karie and others coming into my classroom and addressing my participants for a couple of minutes. I do not know how frequently does one get an opportunity to interact with a top executive of an organization and that too when the crowd is minimal. Well, assuming that such occasions are really rare, the training participants who came for the Sun Training were lucky enough to get an open session with the Executive Vice President and the Cheif Learning Officer of Sun Learning Services, Sun Microsystems Inc. Subsequent to the visit to my classroom, Dr. Karie and others went into the other two Sun classrooms and interacted with the students for a few minutes.

These activities were followed by awarding momentos to the guests by the Sunil, Director of RPS Consulting Services who also holds the portfolio as the Director of Sun Learning Center, Bangalore. The photograph below was taken during that occasion.

The work done by Sunil and Prasad, Directors of the newly inaugurated Learning Center is indeed commendable and what I liked the most about them in my short association with them is an attitude where the word ‘impossible’ hardly finds a place. And if this good work is continued, which I am certiain about, then what we witnessed today could well be one of several milestones that they would touch in taking the Sun Learning Center to an elevated plane. Let time tell that tale of success.

Several photographs were taken during the function, which for practical reasons cannot be published on this page. I have managed to upload all of them in a dedicated location, which you may access right here. And out of those photographs that I have put in there, one is chosen to be added here, because I thought – just a thought – it could well be a future Bond movie flyer 😉

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4 thoughts on “Dr Karie Willyerd Inaugurates the Sun Learning Center, Bangalore, India

  1. Vaishnavi says:

    Rajesh, great job…
    Thanks for the motivation, with your support we will reach the Peak of success
    Definitely i thank the entire Sun team, who were behind the success of this event
    Special thanks to you too….

  2. yash says:

    We missed the opportunity by a week 🙁

  3. Vivek Karwal says:

    Hi Rakesh,
    You blog is the only information I found when searching for IDAM trainings in India by Sun.
    I wanted to do a training with Sun Learning for one of IDM courses and wrote an email last week but no reply on that.
    This morning when I called Sun Bangalore office(Tel: (91-80) 6693-0600), and asked for if they could give me the Sun Learning Centre’s Phone number, the person simply refused by saying “NO” and cut the phone.
    I wonder how your students reach you for Trainings.
    Anyway, all the best.. Nice work that you do.

  4. R Rajesh says:

    I hope this issue is resolved now. Sorry about this delay in processing your request for a Sun Training. We hope to provide you with a better customer experience in future. Sorry again:(

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