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A good friend of mine reminded me through an E-mail that it has been quite a while since I wrote something on this blog. So I thought, may be it’s time again to show up.

The week subsequent to my return from my home town, I was engaged in revising through the yet-to-be-released revision of an Access Manager course developed by David Goldsmith. This revision (Revision B) of the “old” AM3480 course has some noticeable changes that throws more clarity on the concepts of Sun Java System Access Manager. More importantly the course uses JES 5, which has Directory Server EE 6.0 and Web Server 7.0 as its components. I have already got good opinions about the Revision A of AM 3480 course from various participants of mine; revision B is even better. So watch out for this new course in the coming quarter. Thanks to David Goldsmith for making drastic improvements in the new revision of the Access Manager course and more so for giving me opportunity to perform a QA on it.

I had been to Mumbai after that and I returned to Bangalore only last night. I travelled to Mumbai to deliver a two day training program on Solaris Containers for a batch of around 20 participants. I was supposed to travel back to Bangalore on Tuesday night, but had to extend my stay there for a couple of more days to deliver the same program for a second batch as well. Published below are the photographs of my new friends.

For a change, I am not traveling home this weekend:) Wishing you all a restful weekend.

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One thought on “Doublets

  1. Vaishnavi says:

    Rajesh, short and sweet doublets after 14 days…
    hope you enjoyed in Mumbai. So this week hope you spend some time with us in our centre, atleast one or two days, even though you dont have a batch here

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