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For a very long time I was using an old version of Yahoo Messenger without really bothering about checking for its newer version. And ever since Jeff introduced me to iChat I thought I wouldn’t find a better chat tool than iChat. I don’t intend to change my opinion here. But a couple of days back I happened to download the Yahoo! Messenger for Mac 3.0b2 and found it quite similar to the iChat bundled with the Mac OS X, including the feature of displaying the iTunes track on the user status. Look at the snapshot below and see it for yourself.

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One thought on “Y! Messenger 3.0 for Mac ~ Mac OS X – iChat

  1. stevej says:

    You should also take a look at the adium chat client. It uses libgaim so you can chat with yahoo and AIM buddies, and it has a nice mac GUI.

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