Season’s Greetings & New Year 2018 Wishes

Thank you for stopping by. Spare me a few minutes, if you will, perhaps one last time this Calendar Year. Likely, the title of this essay has given it away on what to expect in this write up. It’s definitely that, but not just that.

I had the practice too of preparing a ‘To Do’ list with things ought to be done at the dawn of a New Year and to follow through with for the rest of my life. Most of what’s in it was not too different from the very commonly found New Year resolutions such as to spend smartly, acquire & maintain new life skills, strike an awesome work–life balance and to achieve an envious nearly perfect WHR. It all consistently fell flat, though, well ahead of the Blue Monday of New Year, and thereafter the frictional force of ‘what-the-hell’ effect applying sudden brake on will power, flagging everything in the ‘To Do’ list as “pending”, only to be picked up again afresh and rather unchanged roughly eleven months later. I’ve made up my mind, therefore, not to fall into the trap of imagining that with a change of calendar comes a new order in life. Instead, it’s the very famous five minute rule that I fall back on, every time I’m inspired to do new and noble things in life. Now, that is not to say I hate to reflect on the glory days of life and lessons learned in a dozen months’ time during the fag end of the year and do all that’s possible to stay optimistic for a better year ahead. I love this joyous season and all its celebrations just like most of you, for sure.

While I extend to you my sincere good wishes for all your grand endeavors in the year to come, I realise you are wiser to hit a gymnasium right now if you wish to, and go into the New Year one pound or half less, than having to wait another week, rather adamantly, bringing about an all important change in life only with a new calendar in place.

I asked for your time, prominently, to let you know how grateful I’m for having been able to establish a contact with you, more so for all the great life changing learnings from it. Thank God for setting up a channel for our link and helping it from weakening away over time. At minimum, I feel so humbled by the the immense generosity, kindness and affection showered on me by you and many others on occasions innumerable. Going into the New Year, having you around just a call away, I believe, is the greatest asset I happen to be blessed with. The occasions such as New Year is just a convenient excuse for me to reach out to tell you how much our relationship means to me, and how grateful I feel for the same. Thank you so much for being there, especially on occasions when it mattered.

I’d be failing in my duty if I take this note to conclusion without extending you my best wishes for a great holiday season and a New Year to follow. I mean it from my heart when I say, I almost always include you in my prayers and here’s wishing you & your loved ones cherishing holiday memories, a great festive season, and a fantabulous Year 2018.





–R Rajesh