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Addendum to ForgeRock Full Stack Configuration – Using ForgeRock OpenIG

This is an extension of an earlier post that demonstrated ForgeRock Full Stack Configuration, comprising OpenDJ, OpenAM and OpenIDM. In here we’ll plug in ForgeRock OpenIG to route traffic to/from OpenAM and OpenIDM. In the video log that follows, you’ll see:

– All urls that hit OpenIG, containing a string ‘openam’ getting redirected to OpenAM URL
– All urls that hit OpenIG, that does not contain the string ‘openam’ getting redirected to:

  1. OpenAM for Authentication if there is no valid User session and then on to OpenIDM UI
    2. OpenIDM UI if there is a valid User sessionOpenIDM UI

So here’s the extended illustration


Now on to the video.Enjoy!

Scripted SQL Connector in ForgeRock OpenIDM 4

ForgeRock Identity Management solution includes generic Groovy Connector Toolkit that enables you to run Groovy scripts on any external resource. You can read more about it here. Lifted verbatim from the OpenIDM 4 documentation mentioned above:”To facilitate creating your own scripted connectors with the Groovy Connector Toolkit, OpenIDM provides a scripted connector bundler. ” I followed Instructions in there (as well as in the README file of the ‘sample3’ in OpenIDM installation directory), to build a ScriptedSQL Connector to connect OpenIDM to a MySQL Database and my Video Log is below:


Configuring Password Validator in ForgeRock OpenDJ 3

– How do we set a Minimum/Maximum Password length in ForgeRock OpenDJ?
– How do we impose the Users to use certain Special characters in their OpenDJ password?
– How do we have the Users use a alphanumberic string as their OpenDJ password?
– How do we create a Custom Password Validator (one that validates a Password against certain rules as the ones above)?

Well if these questions bother you, just like it happened to a friend of mine a day ago, the following video might help get some answers:

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