Solaris Cluster 3.2 Training at Bangalore

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After a considerably long gap, I was assigned the task of going through a training on Solaris Cluster for some our Employees in Bangalore. Like I said elsewhere, the concepts of Cluster are too good to be forgotten. If you already work on Cluster, you might want to test your knowledge by appearing for the cluster certification exam. Details are here.

On a Foggy Week In Delhi

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On a week when Delhi recorded the worst fog in the last seven years, I was going through a Directory Server training for the folks in the picture below; my third consecutive training on Sun Directory Server.

While I wouldn’t forget the remarkable experience of being driven in a car through dense fog with near zero visibility and yet managing to reach the destination on time, on all days of my stay at Delhi, I think the memories of my sessions with the folks on the picture above would remain clearer. It was fun, to say the least.Finally, before I left them, I wanted them to experience the joy of teaching…

Thank you folks for some great memories; more so for the wonderful gift.