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This evening, I parted with the folks in the snap below, concluding a five day session around Sun Fire Midrange Servers. Felt nice to be a part of such an enthusiastic and jovial set of people and I also wish to thank them for the free (as in beer) lunch they offered me this afternoon .

It’s a busy weekend here in India with the General Elections 2009 verdict to be out tomorrow. And while that happens, I’m going to journey towards a peaceful destination for spending a restful weekend. To all those who intend to follow the India 2009 Election Bulletins closely, here’s wishing a very interesting weekend!

Sun Fire Midrange Servers Training in Bangalore

Home / Sun / Sun Fire Midrange Servers Training in Bangalore

On a May Day, upon mutual agreement, I’m meeting up with the folks in the picture below for the closing sessions of a course on Sun Fire Midrange Servers at Sun Office here in Bangalore. They are all Field Engineers and the course they are completing today covers topics somewhat close to the ones listed here, but with some additions and omissions.

Wishing all a long restful weekend!