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Sun and HP Announce Partnership Around Solaris

Sun and HP announced an expanded multi-year partnership agreement that enables HP to distribute and support Sun’s Solaris 10 OS. The top five x86/x64 based system vendors now all ship Solaris with their systems. HP is responding to customer demand for expanded OS support on HP ProLiant server and blade platforms. Sun now becomes a strategic HP ProLiant OS distribution partner and Solaris is elevated to the lineup of key operating environments for the ProLiant platform.”

Listen to the audiocast here. View the Sun and HP Presentation Slides here .Watch Sun Execs discuss HP and Solaris. And here’s the press release.

Sun Learning Services Session @ Sun Tech Days 2009

On the concluding day of this years edition of Sun Tech Days in India, Sun Learning Services (SLS) offered two Hands On Tracks – one on JavaFX and another on Solaris Containers – for its Customers, Partners and Community, and the response was simply overwhelming. Thanks to all delegates who made it for this event.

I’m glad to have got an opportunity to speak to a larger audience on a grand occasion as Sun Tech Days and that too on a very useful Solaris 10 feature, one among several Virtualization Solutions from Sun. To know more details about a training on Solaris Containers, click here.
In another location within the Sun Tech Days 2009 venue, my friend Stacy delivered a full day seminar on the new and exciting JavaFX technology. Detailed description about a JavaFX course can be found here.

How well I performed my job is for the delegates of my session to judge and comment. For me, speaking to an audience comprised of employees of various organizations (IBM, Wipro, UBS, TCS, BOA, HCL,CSC, Reliance to name a few), students and lecturers from several Engineering Colleges around and faculties from our partner Educational Institutions was an immensely satisfying experience.

Due to several last minute onsite registrations, the Student Kits, containing several materials including OpenSolaris and Netbeans DVD went out of stock and some delegates had to go back without it. While we arrange for its shipment to delegates who didn’t get a Student Kit during the event, we would wish to remind all that OpenSolaris and Netbeans could be downloaded from the website as follows for immediate use: (i) OpenSolaris (ii) Netbeans .

Like all previous editions of Tech Days, the one that concluded yesterday also offered me several fond memories. The photograph below is just one of it:

Cloud Computing

If you were there this morning at HICC, Hyderabad listening to Matt Thomson’s keynote on second day of Sun Tech Days 2009, you probably got to know what cloud computing is. Press talked about its prospects already in todays edition. Matt managed to throw clarity on the definition of cloud computing, demonstrated some of the powerful offerings from Sun and also talked about a couple of key projects at Sun. It was a fluent presentation, packed with lot of information.

As cloud computing takes the center stage, it’d be interesting to follow Matt here to hear from him, directly and promptly, the developments on Cloud Computing at Sun. On one of his slides this morning, Matt listed the attributes of cloud (One Service Fits All, Virtualized Physical Resources, Self Provisioning, Easticity, Pay Per Use,Programmatic Control), in another he talked about Cloud as: (i)Software as Service (SaaS), (ii) Platform as Service(PaaS) and (iii)Infrastructure as Service(IaaS) and finally he explained how developers could utilize the power of cloud for developmental activities,scaling up and down the hardware that they need, as and when they need, build their project on cloud and collaborate with their project mates sitting across different Geographical location. In a stunning demonstration, within a matter of few mouse clicks, all of us got to see a Solaris Desktop – sitting somewhere in a public datacenter- popping up on a Windows laptop. It was exciting! No wonder, the demonstration invoked a loud applause from the audience.

In addition to talking about how a startup company could rely on Cloud rather than building their own data center, Matt also introduced us to Project Kenai and Zembly.

S D Shibulal, COO of Infosys and Prof Deepak Phatak were felicitated by James Gosling in the presence of Anil Velluri, VP and Managing Director of Sun India. When invited to speak, Prof Phatak said, “I’m a teacher. My few minutes could span several hours.” Prof Phatak said in his speech how excited was to see so many developers paying fees for an event like Sun Tech Days and gathering under one roof. He also mentioned that in the past, India had more number of downloads than uploads (in terms of contributions to the OpenSource community) and that he’s seeing a change in that trend off late. Prof Phatak’s speech was short, but inspiring and touching.

I’ve already talked about the ‘Java Jacket Give Away’ event at Sun Tech Days here. The tradition continued this time around as well with a difference that two Jackets were given away instead of one. Looks like over the last three years the weirdest talent that someone could display was singing a song!!

All right, while you try and figure out a weird talent that you possess and probably start polishing it to try and gain a Java Jacket next year at Sun Tech Days, let me hit my bed and sleep, for I have a lengthy speech to make on the last day of Sun Tech Days 2009, tomorrow.

Gosling Steals the Show on Day One of Sun Tech Days 2009

Java is everywhere. It’s perhaps everyday that this technology touches us in one way or the other. But it’s certainly not everyday that you get to hear the Father of Java speaks out his thoughts, live. James Gosling’s presence for the Sun Tech Days 2009 at Hyderabad is undoubtedly the main highlight of this edition of the event, kick-started today at Hyderabad International Convention Center.Day one was very informative and it promises to get better in the next two days.

At Tech Days, you would see anchoring at its best. This morning it wasn’t any different. With a really cool MC on stage, boredom failed to find its place. “Namaste India,” we screamed loud and clear, all of us standing up, as instructed by the Master of Ceremonies, whom you see on left. That set the tone for the rest of inaugural proceedings.
And when the youngest drummer of India showed up on stage, producing some magical moments with his tender hands for minutes at stretch, our energy levels went rather high. It was superb!

What followed then were some useful demonstrations on technologies like OpenSolaris, JavaFX and Java TV.

Anil Valluri,VP and Managing Director of Sun India, gave the inaugural address, briefing about Sun, its business model and other related topics, and concluded his speech by inviting James Gosling on to the stage. It wasn’t surprising to hear a loud round of applause as Gosling walked his way up on to the stage.

Gosling covered a wide range of topics: the evolution of Java from a slow interpreted language in the mid 1990s, its performance improvement over a period of time, the latest release in the form of Java 6 Update 12, the new JavaFX technology, the Glassfish, the Netbeans 6.5 and much much more.

He mentioned the staggering statistics of 15 million downloads of JRE a week, talked about the Java enabled Oyster cards (he pulled out one from his pocket while talking about this) being used in the London Underground by every single train passenger, his work with the rocker Neil Young on the Java-enabled, hybrid-electric Lincoln convertible, why a virus free Java is a preferred choice for applications that require secure transactions over the network and performed a number of demos on JavaFX.

It was quite a charm when he said he was the guilty party behind developing Emacs editor 32 years back or so, which later became GNU Emacs, but urged all present day Emac users to stop using it, as things are not the way it was three decades back and that present day IDEs are intelligent enough to know a lot about the programs that programmers write. Well, here is an IDE worth trying: Netbeans.

Gosling’s keynote, needless to say, was an absorbing session.

Several break out sessions on various Sun Technologies followed James Gosling’s keynote. It was a good first day and it’s only going to get better.

My Never Ending Misery with Laryngitis

This is Sreekanth Reddy from CSC. I owe him one. As I was approaching the finishing stages of my session on Solaris Cotainers at Hyderabad, my companion Laryngitis showed up with no mercy. My request to Sreekanth then was to perform a demo of an important concept that we had managed to discuss in the class. With no hesitation he stepped forward and not only performed a neat demo, but lectured fluently about it to rest of the audience. Do I need to tell how much helpful this act of his was to me! Thanks Sreekanth

Below you would see the entire audience who dropped in for the SA 355 S10 course concluded at Hyderabad on Saturday, the 7th February 2009:

I know I would need a few days voice rest to recover from this temporary voice loss. At times like this, I tend to rely a lot on pictures and writings to communicate. So if I’ve to tell you now, what I spoke at Hyderabad before my voice vanished on the last day of training, perhaps the picture below will speak out for me. Click on it to know more:

Have a good week ahead!