New Year Wishes!

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Today being the last day of Year 2008, one would be pardoned to spend some portion of this day in recollections about the year that’s passing by and for setting dreams and goal for the year that’s coming by. It’s not for the first time that we’d indulge in an exercise of this nature. Several New Years have come and gone, several resolutions made, several of them met, many ones broken. Life’s giving us one more opportunity to correct our mistakes, celebrate yet another New Year, revise our goal to set it to a noble and the highest one, for which we shall always be thankful to the invisible power who has brought us all together in this third planet from Sun.

I’m certain, when we examine moments from our past (read Year 2008), we would have some that would bring smile on our face, some that would bring tears in our eyes, some that would disappoint us, some very frustrating moments and a few really promising ones. The very excitement in life lies perhaps in getting the taste of an equal measure of all dualities of existence. Naturally, it isn’t wise to expect or hope for favourable events alone in the Year 2009 that we are about to welcome. We’d however wish that we get a fresh beginning for things that went awfully wrong in the past, gain a fresh momentum for our journey towards the desired destiny and a touch of freshness in our hope for a well balanced existence, devoid of terrible incidents as the ones that we witnessed in recent past. A New Year, without doubt, is one right occasion to produce such strong wishes and prayers.

Personally, I have had my share of success, failures, disappointments, excitements, joy and sorrow in the year that we are about to bid farewell to. But when I look back, the moments spent with my relatives, friends, colleagues,my training participants and all loved ones are the prominent memories that my mind generously throws up at me. To them, who have taken immense interest in me, I owe a lot and with a great sense of gratitude and affection, here is wishing them all a very happy, peaceful and prosperous Year 2009!

Five Days with FSEs

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What a week, this bygone week! After four weeks of continuous training on Sun’s software solutions, this week I met up with a group of Field Support Engineers for a discussion on Sun Fire Midrange Servers. When I started this class on 08th December 2008, Monday, I never imagined that it would turn out to be a unique experience in my teaching career. What it is, you would know from the following paragraph.

On 8th, I felt slight weakness in my voice. By evening, I could speak nothing. I still had four days of training left, when an ENT advised me for a complete voice rest. Calling off the batch was an easy option, but not the best one. Hence on Tuesday, my training participants found in the classroom a whiteboard full of instructions, conveying to them clear and loud about an ‘Instructor Led Voice-less’ training that they were about to face! With a hope of some divine intervention, I continued from where I left on day one and it began to work in my favour. I have never written so much continuously on a white board ever before and I have never played such lengthy dumb charades either . For three full days (almost), I took sessions, without uttering a single word! Occasionally, someone would volunteer to explain to the whole class, concepts that required repeated explanations. It was tough, but it was immensely satisfying. I am not saying that I would ever want to have an experience like this in future, but then this would stand as one of my memorable sessions for obvious reason. I extend my heart-felt gratitude to folks in the picture below for their extreme cooperation in helping me complete this session on a very satisfying note. Thank you folks!

Those who aren’t Field Engineers, but administrators of Sun Fire Midrange Servers and are on the look out for a Sun Training, check out this course. Wishing you all a restful weekend!

Sun IDM Training No. … Don’t Know!

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It has been frequent, it has been popular and it has been well received as one of the best offerings from SLS – the course on Sun Java System Identity Manager. Ask me for a count and I’d disappoint you because I’ve lost track of it, for IDM 345 happened aplenty in this part of the world. All the same, let me put up the batch photograph of last weeks IDM class in here:

Through a teach back session, in a matter of an hour, I got to hear from them, all that they learned in five days time. Their performance was captured and that’s what you see below:

I’m certain, some day or the other, there’ll be a part 2 for this story.