On A Marathon…

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Today was the concluding day of a three day session on Solaris 10, featuring SMF, Least Privilege, Zones, DTrace and ZFS. Below you would see the folks who participated in the discussion (one of ’em is missing from the snap). We also had a quick demonstration of OpenSolaris LiveCD and its 3D Desktop features using Compiz. If you haven’t got your copy of OpenSolaris yet, it’s time you get it from here.

Tomorrow early morning I’m flying to Delhi for a session on Solaris Cluster 3.2 and very clearly I don’t think I have sufficient energy to write an essay at this stage. I have started to get a feel of how a marathon is like.

Good week ahead to all of you.

Ubuntu 8.10 – Coming Soon!

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If you are on the lookout for a weekend activity, you might probably want to download and try the beta version of Ubuntu 8.10, code named Intrepid Ibex. Download it from here. Or if you have other exciting plans for this weekend and would wish to wait for the stable release of Ubuntu 8.10 to be available, then the wait isn’t too long; it’s coming soon – Intrepid Ibex