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One More Cluster Training Concludes Today

Meet my new friends. Majority of them belong to Kenya. With India joining the Emerging Market, an announcement you can read in big boss’s blogs, I might get to meet more such folks in the days ahead. They learned Cluster and taught me back some words in Swahili, their National Language. I ain’t bad at picking up lessons, for you would now hear me say, “Siku njema

Recently I came across a great article on 100 best things to do in Kenya. It’s here.

Without Java, You Can’t Get to All Parts of Internet

It’s the UK Watchdog who says what’s on my title, resulting in an ad ban of the iPhone in UK. What has iPhone got to do with Java? Well, nothing. That’s precisely why Apple’s claim of “You never know which part of the internet you’ll need … which is why all the parts of the internet are on the iPhone,” in an advertisement was found to be misleading, for Java, that powers quite a number of websites, is missing in iPhone! Want to hear more about it from press? Read this

IDM 345 – The Noida Batch

Though I wrote about my entry to Noida in my earlier post, I haven’t yet talked about my exit. Reached Bangalore at late night on the day forward to the India Independence Day. Things went well. With only a half an hour lunch break on all days, with absolutely no tea breaks in between and with only five members from an organization sitting through the training (see them in the snap below), it was quite obvious that the sessions would end quite smoothly, well in time. Thus on the day of Raksha bandhan, the day next to the India Independence Day, we closed our discussion on IDM well before 3:00 in the evening. Now, that doesn’t happen often for an IDM 345 course.

OpenSSO Training for Free

The most attractive price tag that I’ve ever come across is free*. Generally, the asterisk sticking around the news about the free releases would often have some or the other strings attached to it. Some time back Sun announced the release of OpenSSO Express, which is made available to the public, again for free. For those who managed to get to the OpenSSO site and download the product would already be aware of the fact that, there wasn’t any ‘conditions apply’ tag attached to the free availability of OpenSSO from Sun. That means absolute zero entry barrier for those interested. I have heard complaints from many, that though Sun gives away products for free, we charge heavy for its training! Not sure if that’s true, but if there is anyone out there who believes it so, it’s time to think otherwise.

My good friend David has managed to prepare a courseware and a VM Lab files to run through some complex deployment scenarios of OpenSSO. And what more, all of this you can download and learn for free. For that, visit the OpenSSO website and click on the ‘Training’ link. Please note that this current beta training is offered on the unsupported pre-release product (OpenSSO build 4.5). For more details with snapshots on the process, check out David’s blog. And yeah, do find some time to thank him for this work. Happy learning!

Celebrate the Independence Day

On a telephonic conversation with my parents, a week back or so, when I conveyed to them about my journey to Delhi for a training on the week of India Independence Day, I could feel a pause and then a sigh of anxiety on the other end. They had every reason to be anxious, especially after a series of unfortunate events like serial bomb blasts, unfolding itself in some of the well-known places in India. Some one else advised, before I set out my journey to Delhi this week, to try and keep myself away from all crowded locations on the day, when India would celebrate its 62nd Independence Day. As an Indian, it isn’t encouraging, having to celebrate the country’s freedom with a mind that’s not completely free from fear. And it’s unfortunate that the situation is such as above and that many wouldn’t know whom to point the finger at for such a sorry state of affairs.

Having said all these, it’s no doubt a matter of pride, remembering India to be the motherland of some great visionaries, whose inspiring words are reasons for solace and hope for all of us. And with our country finding its way to the list of Gold Medal Winners in the worlds biggest stage for sports, one would only be hopeful to see such fabulous stories of human achievements repeating itself for our Nation and that all of us would continue to strive for such perfect accomplishments in our respective fields that includes but not limited to Arts, Agriculture, Science, Sports, Spirituality and Technology, placing India among the top contributors to the world in all aspects mentioned above. Wouldn’t that be a reason to feel proud of our Nation and hold its flag flying high? Well and truly yes and so be it.

On a day as this, it isn’t sufficient to look forward to a promising future, but would also be appropriate to sit in retrospection, remembering the heroic deeds of thousands of Freedom fighters, paying them tribute at least in thoughts. Honestly, I have never been able to feel with my heart any amount of pain while reading about the freedom struggle in India! Their pain, their struggles, only they knew. People like me who is living in an era much forward to the pre-independence period cannot even touch one dimension of the pain that the freedom fighters went through to gain Independence. The magnitude of sufferings of many Indians during the course of fight for freedom is indeed hard to imagine. All I can say is, I’d be gasping for breath if I walk a few kilometers at stretch, I’d be wanting for food if I starve for a day, leave alone marching 240 miles on foot, fasting for weeks and that too not for any selfish reasons, but for the sake of generations to follow, which is you and me. It’s very clear, they weren’t ordinary men, who fought for our freedom, but brave souls, who lived and died for a noble cause. It’s their victory that we celebrate today, saluting them mentally for all the heart-throbbing chapters that they wrote in the Indian History

Lastly, before I leave this space, I would wish to mutter under my breath, the words of Gurudev, which I feel is no less significant in an era that we live in. In fact, it is more appropriate to utter this prayer in this present age:

“Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high

Where knowledge is free

Where the world has not been broken up into fragments

By narrow domestic walls

Where words come out from the depth of truth

Where tireless striving stretches its arms towards perfection

Where the clear stream of reason has not lost its way

Into the dreary desert sand of dead habit

Where the mind is led forward by thee

Into ever-widening thought and action

Into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake”

Let’s all Celebrate the India Independence Day with a heart full of gratitude and respect towards all those who devoted their entire life for the freedom struggle and with a pledge as neatly expressed by one of my mentors in his reply to my Independence Day wishes, “Every citizen of this nation, I believe, should think and work on those lines to take this great nation to its cherished destination devoid of poverty, unemployment and other evils afflicting society.” Jai Hind.

After Chennai, it’s IDM in Noida this week

Having a back to back sesssion on Sun’s Provisioning Tool isn’t a new affair. If it was Chennai that hosted an IDM training last week, it’s in Noida – the other end of India – that the same training is happening this week. In a few minutes time I would start my new batch on IDM 345 training. Before I get introduced to the folks sitting through the training this week, let me complete an all familiar task of introducing my previous training batch to you all:

Have a great week ahead, all of you.


The number “8” is considered lucky by people in China. No wonder then, that the world’s largest event in sports, hosted in Beijing this time, begins on 8.8.08, today. Spanning just over a fortnight, with approximately Ten thousand five hundred athletes participating in about 302 events in 28 different sports, it would be absolute fun to spend some time watching this great event. But in an age of participation it isn’t sufficient to spend time viewing the same, but would be great to be a part and parcel of it, for we all know these events only show up once in four years. After-all, the spirit of participation is one of the well-known motto of Olympics.

I feel proud to share with you the fact that Sun has enabled a way to help you participate in Beijing Olympics 2008, using MyPicks Beijing 2008, a new social networking game for Facebook, allowing fans of 2008 Beijing Summer Games to compete online. The press release about it is here. So start picking your winners in here.

Sun’s association with Beijing Olympics 2008 does not end with a Facebook application. “NBC Universal selected Sun to provide the technology platform for its official website The site is supported by several Sun Servers, allowing delivery of digital content to viewers including live streaming of events, video archives of completed events, blogs and more.” Enjoy 2,200 hours of live streaming broadband video coverage of 25 different sports. Read the press release about it here or get into the action, straightaway, by clicking here. Enjoy a rocking Olympics!