Monthly Archives: June 2008

FY ’08 Last Batch

In a couple of days time, we are entering a new Fiscal Year, which only means that the training that got over this evening was my last one in FY ’08. I’m glad that things went well, and more so because of the fact that the final training this FY happened to one of the best offered from Sun and one of my favourites. I’m heading home tonight for a couple of days, before which I would want to complete the job of posting the snap of my IDM 4485 batch – the last one, this FY.

To all my kind readers, wish you all a restful weekend.

Typing Tutorial in Ubuntu

At my home in Kerala, where my parents live, I use an Ubuntu desktop. My parents have been eager to pick up some computer lessons for long. Last week, while I was at home, they managed to learn quite a few things on using a Computer desktop that includes, but not limited to using an E-mail client, an Internet browser and to some extent an Office Suite as well. One of those things that my father found frustrating was to get used to the Computer keyboard layout. I remember facing the same problem, when I started my career in Computers. With the help of a typing tutorial software that I found then, my typing speed increased to an impressive rate. Thanks to my father’s favourite website, my search to get hold of one such typing tutorial in Ubuntu, fetched me a rather quick result. Tux Typing, which is also a part of Ubuntu repository offers some cool tutorials to help a novice get used to the Computer keyboard layout. Needless to say, my father seems quite motivated by his progress.

Let me also mention here that with the rather uncomplicated and clean User Interface in Ubuntu, the learning curve looks quite smooth. Ask my parents.

Three Days at TI

I’m feeling slightly tired. But as always, it feels good to have done a job assigned satisfactorily. Three days of sessions on Solaris 10 for the folks at TI had me gasping for breath at times, but would offer me a tight sleep tonight for sure. Let me take a moment to thank each of them in the picture above: one, for attending an ILT from Sun and two, for stepping out of TI campus to capture this moment.

I’m certain, Sun’s Eco Responsibility VP, Dave Douglas would be more than happy to see the snap above, for it sends across a signal, very clearly, on one of Sun’s many serious initiatives viz. Go Green.

IDM 345 is Not JAT

Exactly two days back, yet another IDM 345 training concluded here in Bangalore. Below this note, you would see my training participants. After sweating it out for five days, just about everyone in the group expressed to me that what they went through in five days were some real intriguing sessions on Sun Java System Identity Manager, quite unlike many other training programs that they previously attended. Of course, that’s largely attributed to the very nature of this course, containing some exhaustive lab materials, requiring every attendee to focus hard for five continuous days, which may turn out to be taxing . Afterall, it’s the first of two parts of a popular bootcamp program that existed on Sun’s provisioning tool two years back or so. Know that the sequel to this course “Sun Java System Identity Manager: Deployment Fundamentals II” coded IDM 4485 is even tougher. For all the prospective IDM 345 candidates, please note that IDM 345 or its ‘brother’ IDM 4485 is not Just Another Training, but a marathon that’s real energy sapping. But hey, it’s worth it!