Tea Time Quiz

Very recently, I got an iPod Touch. I don’t think it needs any mentioning here about how cool that device is. Now, if you wanna get hold of one of those amazingly cool stuff from Apple, then you might want to give a try at Netbeans fun tech quiz starting this week (open only for residents of India). If not iPod touch, may be you might find yourself lucky to walk away with some other cool electronic gadgets. Go, give it a try; good luck.

A Rare Occurrence

If my job was to report news, I would have lost it by now, for who would ever like to read those news that are old. Luckily, my primary job isn’t writing and I assume I would be forgiven to have taken some time to record events as below that are not fresh.

What you see in the above snap is an occasion so rare. Recently, Sun Learning Services team here in India had an offsite meeting and that’s when most of us got to see the members of our team together, probably second or third time in an year! Some of us are on the move most of the time that it has always been a difficult task to get together for an event. That’s the case with almost all teams in Sun. So when we meet, we make sure we’ve some fun; we did have some fun this time, not to forget the serious business that we discussed for a day long. By the way, this news isn’t very old; it happened on April 3rd and 4th this year.

Now a more recent news: I was at Chennai last week, going through a five day program on Sun Java System Access Manager with over a dozen folks participating in it. See them below:

We had five busy days with a ‘teach back’ session offering a satisfying finish to the whole program.

Lastly, an awfully old news: I remember mentioning in one of my earlier posts about my journey to Mumbai to deliver a class on Sun Java System Communications Suite. Following are the people whom I met while at Mumbai for the MSG 2379 course

Today being an an auspicious day, it really feels nice to have managed to complete some pending jobs. I hope, at least on this day I would succeed in making a resolution to be a good news reporter in the days to come