The Last Batch – Y ’07

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With only a handful of hours left in Year 2007, it’s perhaps a little too late to introduce you to set a people whom I met at Mumbai for Sun’s Portal Server Training last week. But of course, I don’t want to carry forward that task to the forthcoming year.

The initial hiccups related to the infrastructure aside, I managed to produce some flawless sessions last week, ending the last batch of Year 2007 on a satisfactory note. The highly cooperative and generous audience for this training certainly contributed to its success. So here is my last batch of Y ’07

Once again, wishing you all a Happy New Year 2008!.

Happy New Year 2008 [In Advance]

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From: R Rajesh
Date: 28 December 2007 4:55:58 PM GMT+05:30
To:All My Training Participants, Relatives, Friends, Colleagues and Kind Blog Readers
Subject: Happy New Year 2008 [In Advance]

Dear All,

This time of the year, every year for the last few years, a sense of restlessness dominates in me to reach out to my friends, acquaintances and relatives alike to pass on the seasons best greetings. I do remember writing a similar note in the past, around this time last year and I know a few out there who received it, read it and replied to it. Clearly, I am running myself into the risk of repetition.

But then if pattern of events in life – both joyous and grievous – can repeat itself year after year, in spite of all our celebrations at the moment when the New Year would meet the old one, why would I ever hesitate to show up and speak out the same old thoughts.

While we pull ourselves together to flip through a brand new calendar, hoping happiness, peace and prosperity all the way along, this may well be an appropriate occasion to sit back, contemplate on the path trodden during the past dozen months or so, and may be take suitable measures to do the productive things better, put a full stop to all activities that are useful to none, and finally pray and hope for the possession of a stable mind, capable of absorbing all those episodes in life that are generally beyond the control of human beings like you and me.

Personally, I wish to take advantage of this moment of celebrations to stop by each one of you, to let you know how much thankful I am for all your valuable contributions to my triumphs and in all the milestones that I touched. Thank you!

As you read this note, probably there is an extravagant New Year party waiting for you. I wish the enthusiasm, the energy with which we step into one more New Year in our life and this celebration mood that we’re in this moment last throughout the year and make us capable to treat every single day as a New Year, full of positive resolutions.

Happy New Year 2008!

affectionately yours,

–R Rajesh

The Christmas Day Training

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Based on mutual understanding, we decided to continue the ongoing PTL 4310 training in Mumbai even on the Christmas day. But that doesn’t deny anyone a chance to celebrate the birth of Jesus the Christ. My participants managed to bring with them loads of Christmas cakes and we had our share of celebrations in the classroom itself. Thanks folks for a memorable Christmas day.

Late Arrival in Mumbai

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Stationed in the fourth floor at Grand Hyatt, Mumbai and it is high time that I occupy some space on the bed to get some sleep. Tomorrow I’m kick starting a rather big batch for the Sun’s Portal Server Course, coded PTL 4310. All of a sudden we have started to get continuous requests for training on this product. I think the customers are getting wiser .

The hotel premises are decorated beautifully, marking the celebration of holiday season. I casually asked Altaf, who was at the reception how the Christmas season was looking and he said, “Oh yeah, looks like we are on a roll.” It shows.

Season of Joy

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A couple of days from now, it’s Christmas, which many of us consider to be a festival that would invoke in all a feeling of great pleasure and happiness. No wonder, why even a theory oriented class like DIR 2217 turned out to be a fun-filled and pleasurable experience for me; much in contrast to my initial impression about its delivery. Let me get this straight across to you: this class is all about Analysis and Planning before deploying Sun’s Directory Server, and the last thing an Instructor would expect in such a theory intensive session is a class full of emotionless faces.

But it’s Christmas season and it brings joy and energy; or at least it brings you in the company of some bubbly folks, just the way it happened to me in the bygone week. And the four days of training, it just flew. Wouldn’t you echo my thoughts about such a joyful class once you take a look at the photo below, which has a sense of joy painted all over it?

Well, in the process, if you ask me, if they learned something, I’ll leave it to them to have the final say. But for me, barring a few fumbles here and there, this class clearly announced the arrival of yet another season of joy.

Happy Holidays

AM 3480 Course – WW Schedule

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My good friend David has taken the pain to put the World Wide Schedule for the AM 3480 (Sun Java System Access Manager course) up on his blogs. If interested in knowing the information about the Access Training Program in different locations across the globe, click here. Kudos to David for all his efforts to get the training information through to a larger audience out there.

A Fortnightly Bulletin??

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Is my blog mutating to something like a fortnightly bulletin? It appears to me that I am getting into a habit of showing up on this blog on a fortnightly basis, which is bad . I wasn’t all that busy, but then I don’t think I had any significant content to publish on this blog. But today I am going to break my silence, mainly for two reasons:
One, I would like to invite you to watch the Sun Net Talk published about the Sun’s expanded alliance with Deloitte on Identity and Access Management Solution:

Sun and Delottie: Unlocking the Value of Identity and Access Management with Enterprise Roles

Second important task I would wish to perform through this post is to introduce you to my new friends. Well, that’s quite a few of them this week. And I met them for a training on Sun Java System Portal Server . It was an open batch, comprising of people from five different organizations, who traveled from various parts of this country to Bangalore.

When fifteen people turn up for a “level four” training like Sun Java System Portal Server Customization (PTL 4310) it certainly calls for some energy sapping sessions, touching fourty hours. But then, in restrospection, it feels great to have spoken at length to a full class. Without any more talking, let me put their picture up here (unfortunately, one participant was left out of this photograph coz of a medical emergency):

A general feedback has been about the version of the Portal Server used for this training program. It’s not the newer version that we’re using for this specific program. And unfortunately I don’t have any news about the likelihood of having a course on the newer version of Portal Server in the very immediate future. But I shall be posting about it as and when there is an official announcement about the same. But for now, here are a few tips to those plan to take up a Sun Course on the Sun Java System Portal Server:

* It wouldn’t be a bad idea to check out the objectives, goals and pre-requisite of this training program from the official website of Sun before attending this training.
* At least for the time being, be prepared to learn about an old version of the Sun Java System Portal Server and not the newest version.
* It would be an added advantage, if some working knowledge on Solaris (Unix) is gained before sitting through this training as most of the labs are performed on Solaris OE.
* An overall idea about the positioning of the components in the Identity Management Suite like the Access Manager and Directory Server would throw more clarity on the concepts of Portal Server.

I am sure my friends would agree to at least a couple of points mentioned above. All the same, I wish to mention here that it was nothing short of a memorable and exciting week for me with this rather huge batch.

One of these days, my boss introduced me to Matson Sparling. He came down to India for a very serious reason (not revealing). My boss brought him to the Sun Learning Center in Bangalore and Matson had a short conversation with my portal server participants, which was a very kind gesture. I am sure the inputs that he got from the “Sun Learners” would help him and his team to improve upon various aspects on the offerings from Sun Learning Services. So be it.

I managed to persuade them to pose for a photograph. Matson, thanks for spending some valuable time with me, indulging in a serious conversation.

Last Fifteen Days

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It has been fifteen days since I ‘absconded’ from this location on web. I was at Hyderabad. At a client’s location. It was fun to have spent my time at Hyderabad discussing on Sun’s Identity Manager and Access Manager back to back with the folks whom you would see in the picture below:

Some believe that the IDM 345 course could cover a little bit more topics than what it has in the current curriculum. Probably, that opinion holds good if the batch size is as small as this. But in a batch of ten, wouldn’t it cause a bit of trouble to cover a wide range of topics on IDM? My dear kind reader, if you have come for an IDM 345 training from Sun in the past, spare me your thoughts on this so that the content developers get a good picture.

What I liked the most at the site was their clean text book installations of Solaris 10 on x86 desktops. Such a neat lab set up gave me no room for any concern whatsoever. I must mention that I felt happy to have worked with some professional people out there during the pre-training activities right through to the end of the training program. And the team dinner that they arranged on the penultimate day of this program offered a perfect finish to the whole activity.

Before I leave, one happy news: I am informed that I am a recipient of the honourable mention award for best blogging during the CEC 2007 that concluded in Las Vegas on October/10/2007. Boy, doesn’t that make me a happy blogger!

All, have a great week ahead