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The title of this post and the cloudy background of the picture above might mislead one into thinking that the above photograph was captured at a location in Delhi. Trust me, the fog hasn’t hit the Capital City yet; and the snap you see above was taken on Saturday (that’s yesterday), after concluding a Train The Trainer (a.k.a T3) program on Solaris OS at Bangalore. On a Saturday, when laziness dominated in me, I found it rather difficult to carry even my lightweight digital camera along with me to the classroom! I know it is a big mistake that I did. The lovely moments of life that pass by may never repeat itself. Memories of those moments would turn out to be a precious asset at a future date. So I was disappointed not to have carried my camera along with me. But the young enthusiastic guy, wearing the bright red shirt arranged for a group photograph with the mobile phone that he possess. Of course, you can’t expect a perfect still with a camera attached to the hand phone.

Cut to present, I have landed in Delhi for an AM 3480 course, starting tomorrow at a venue in Gurgaon. I am hoping to have an exciting week with a new set of people. I wish all my readers a grand week ahead.

WG111v2 Support on Ubuntu

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A friend of mine took me through the famous Ritchie Street in Chennai, when I told him about my plan to buy a Wireless adapter. This was just over a week back. Let me make a reasonably lengthy story short: I bought a WG111v2 Wireless USB 2.0 Adapter and I did so after confirming from the owner of the shop that it would work fine with the Ubuntu OS. Even after the generous shop owner’s phone calls to the support team at Netgear, positively clarifying my doubts on its support on Ubuntu, I must confess that I was still doubtful if it would function properly on Ubuntu.It was Windows written all over the case, and no mentioning about any other supported OS! The forums that I hit on the web – almost all of them, including the one that you would view if you click here – suggested the installation of NDISwrapper, which I felt was a bit of hassle. Just now I unpacked this device and connected to one my desktops running Fiesty Fawn and know what, it just worked.

Then I tried plugging it in to another desktop running Edgy Eft and the result was no different. So take my word, Netgear WG111v2 54Mbps wireless USB 2.0 Adapter just works, at least in the last two recent releases of the Ubuntu Operating System. Let me know if there is someone out there whose experience was any different than mine.

A request to the Netgear team: Could someone fix the Registration Page on the website as I am being kicked back on to the same page upon clicking the link ‘Activate your Support Contract(s)’. Tried it with different browsers, but to no avail. Am I the one who’s making a mistake or is it a known issue?

TATA Indicom Plug2Surf on Mac OS X

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You wouldn’t hit on many Mac OS X users in this part of the world. Naturally, it becomes difficult to figure out an easy Mobile Internet Solution for someone carrying an Apple equipment with Mac OS X running on it. I have been trying to get hold of a Mobile Internet Solution for my Apple laptop and my endeavour to do so has always been discouraged by the Telecom companies, very often giving me a feel that I chose a wrong platform to work with in India. But recently, I saw an advertisement in Television, featuring one of the famous Bollywood actresses and I was quite impressed by the sleek look of the USB Modem by TATA Indicom.

Last evening, I stepped into a TATA Indicom customer service center and picked up this device. Luckily this time, on my enquiry about this device, the Customer Support Representative in there was quite positive about the support of this modem on a machine running Mac OS X. He in fact took the pain of demonstrating it on one of the Apple laptops that we carried to the shop. Apart from changing the network configuration, he did absolutely nothing to get this working on the Mac OS X. No driver installation; plug and play sort of thing. A SIM is inserted to this device. It took just under 24 hours to get this connection activated.

So now I am connected to the Internet using this device. I wouldn’t say it is super fast like a broadband connection. In any case my objective to buy this was only to use while on the move and I am sure it would serve my purpose. But the one review that I read about this connection here is not really impressive. Let me experience this personally and I shall update you on my thoughts.

Y! Messenger 3.0 for Mac ~ Mac OS X – iChat

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For a very long time I was using an old version of Yahoo Messenger without really bothering about checking for its newer version. And ever since Jeff introduced me to iChat I thought I wouldn’t find a better chat tool than iChat. I don’t intend to change my opinion here. But a couple of days back I happened to download the Yahoo! Messenger for Mac 3.0b2 and found it quite similar to the iChat bundled with the Mac OS X, including the feature of displaying the iTunes track on the user status. Look at the snapshot below and see it for yourself.

All’s Well That Ends Well

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When a new week, full of promises looks straight at your eyes, it may not be a good thought to sit in a retrospective mood to look back to the events that passed by. Do not worry; I am not going to write anything about my boyhood days or my crush at College. I am only going to take you a week back into the time and very quickly brief on what happened after I landed in Mumbai for an AM 3480 course, with a certain hope of going through some comfortable sessions on Access Manager. Things do not necessarily work in your favour at all points of time. If that was the case, then the life would seem meaningless! Due to several reasons, the lab set up for this course was a bit messy last week and it took a complete day for the things to fall in place. I had a family function to attend during the weekend, which only meant that I had no extra day to spare for this training. But with the help of some of my colleagues and a few others, things went on quite smoothly and the course concluded well in time for me to fly from Mumbai to my home town to register my presence for an all important function. I must also not forget to mention here the enthusiasm shown by my participants – all of ’em from Tech Mahindra – to sneak into the classrooms during the early hours on all morning (despite heavy downpour and annoying traffic) and also to stay back in the late evenings to complete all the lab exercises authored neatly by David & Co. Well, you wouldn’t see those generous folks in a batch photograph on this post as they are already up on my blog here. And probably for the first time, I saw all the participants sticking to the exact time during their teach back assignment. Let me put up their performance in the form of some photographs:

By the way, Happy Janmashtami to all of you and a grand week ahead.