iPod in Ubuntu

After a gap, I decided to play around with my Ubuntu installation that I performed some time back. After making appropriate modifications to the settings on Synaptic Packages, I used the apt-get to download some packages and libraries from the repository. One of those packages gtpod allowed me to play my favourite playlist on my iPod in Ubuntu. Of course it’s not really a perfect world like iTunes, but felt excited to get my iPod working in a software other than iTunes.

I was busy over the weekend spending my time at Sun Solution Center labs trying to complete an exercise on Sun Java System Access Manager and Sun Java System Identity Manager. After spending a complete day in there, though I could fix some of my earlier mistakes, I couldn’t complete what I intended to complete. I’m hoping for a miracle today.

Last week I was at Tata Teleservices talking on the New Features of Solaris 10 to a bunch of folks managing a huge Sun set up including an exceptionally large number of High End Servers. In the process I met a number of people whom I am putting up here on my post.

If you have nothing else to do (presumably a reason why you ended up reading this post), let me leave you with a simple exercise: spot the differences in the above photograph.

Have a great week ahead.

The Travel Bug

After a week long stay in Pune to talk about the New Features on Solaris 10, I reached back my base location last night, only to fly again to Hyderabad tomorrow evening. This is probabaly the first time that I am having an onsite training back to back on a same Sun Course. Travelling is fun.

The story on the front page of my favourite newspaper wasn’t all that encouraging on my departure date from Bangalore to Pune. On landing in Pune, it was umbrellas all around me (I could have written a poem like this on Umbrellas). It appeared to me that the rain wouldn’t cease. And it poured down rather continously over the next couple of days, after which it was all ‘sunny days.’

I now have ten more friends in Pune, all employed in Symantec. It was sheer fun out there for five full days, starting July 2. Felt nice to interact with some experienced folks there and learn a lot about their work culture and also their products. They felt the new features of Solaris 10 were kewl, especially the ‘killer’ ZFS. I was more than excited to hear a friend from the group below say, “I really like the way Sun is launching in the market opensourcing all its products.” There are other people as well who think that Sun is getting the right pulse of the market.

While at Pune I managed to watch Die Hard 4.0. Thanks to a friend in the picture, I got my tickets through online reservation. So next time I go to Pune for some reason or the other, I know whom to contact for movie tickets