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The IDM club is growing

Now pay close attention to what I speak: IDM 4484 course is very tough. Sounds familiar? I have said it before and I must repeat myself more than often. Certain things needs emphasis again and again for the good of all. So in case, if you are are likely to drop in at Sun Labs to pick up lessons on advanced lessons on IDM, make sure you have some prior experience on Identity Manager deployment, else you might find yourself wasting four precious days of your life hearing me talk all Greek. I am writing this on behalf of those who have already come for this course, for those who would enrol for this course in future.

Four long days of discussions on IDM, with so many problems popping up in the labs – all of them unique in nature- my participants would have felt bone-tired this evening. That’s quite natural. Good luck to all of them for their future endeavours. Thankfully, I had a few experienced IDM guys sitting through this training, assisting me in my discussions (No, I didn’t tell them that I would pay ’em a share), helping their colleagues to get over the scary thoughts on IDM projects .

In spite of the an atmosphere so intense, we managed to have great fun while learning. All credits to the people in picture below:

For me, this week was nothing short of a memorable experience. Thanks a lot folks for your time.

First Exposure

It rained rather heavily in Bangalore this evening. That has been the case over the last few days anyway. I didn’t hesitate though, to walk home a mile from Sun Labs, drenching myself thoroughly in the process. I might catch a cold ‘cuz of this, but I was too excited this evening to even think of such an outcome.

Indian Film Makers believe that the rain invokes romantic feelings. I don’t intend to question their thought in here. But for me, I had a different reason to be excited about: the first ever teach on Access Manager 7.1. It concluded this evening, and it has given me some wonderful memories to cherish. In retrospection, I had some smooth sessions spanned over five days, largely attributed to a brilliant course developed by David Goldsmith. I must also not fail to mention the support received from people high up in the hierarchy of Sun, in answering some of my basic questions. Thanks again to David for connecting me to them. On the whole, it was a good learning experience for me, if not for anyone else.

Picture below has the set of people, first exposed to the Access Manager 7.1 course offered by Sun Learning Services. A couple of my participants are missing from this snap.

Some of them found the lab materials very interesting, while a couple of ’em felt it be slightly lengthy. But most of them agree that the course covers a wide area on the Access Manager Product. Rightly so, this course touches upon Authentication, Authorization, SSO and Federation using Access Manager. Of course, a discussion on Federation itself can span several days at stretch and for this reason, only the relevant information to understand the concepts of Federation is what is included in this course. An interesting change in this new revision of the Access Manager course is an introduction of a couple of business case studies on Federation, which gives the audience an understanding on the basics of Federation Identity Management. This is a brief feedback that I fetched from the folks in the picture above. Only time can tell their actual take back from this training.

I didn’t have to spend much time convincing my new friends on the importance of a “teach back” session and the enthusiasm that they showed to talk about various topics that constitutes the AM 3480 Rev B course this evening was commendable. More than anything else, it was sheer fun. I enjoyed every bit of it and couldn’t resist the temptation to capture it. It would be unfair if I don’t display their efforts in the form of a few snaps at least.

I’m sure their interest on Identity Management Solutions would help them go places. And I would certainly put my efforts to keep track of their progress in this field. Wishing them good luck for a grand future.

The rain has stopped. I’m going to hit the sack soon, with a hope that I wouldn’t have to bear a running nose tomorrow.

AM 3480 Revision B Hits Sun Classrooms Today

The Sun Java System Access Manager course AM 3480 has a revised edition which is going into the classrooms starting today. I’m happy that I am one among two Instructors across the globe to deliver the first ILT on this new revision of Access Manager today. One of the significant changes in Revision B is that it uses Java ES 5. David Goldsmith has done a marvellous job in modifying the course contents in a manner that would throw more clarity on the topics as well the lab practises. I understand from David that the other location where this class is happening today is Tampa, Florida. A more detailed description about this course can be found at the official Sun Education Website. To enroll for this course or to know more on the pricing and other aspects, please visit here and fetch the contact details.

New Folks in the IDM 4484 Club

It is rather rare to get a bunch of people with similar frequency for a training. Even more difficult is to see through a lab intensive course like “Sun Java System Identity Manager: Advanced Deployment,” course coded IDM 4484. Last week, half a dozen folks, from three different organizations (Sun, Accenture & Wipro) walked into the Sun Labs for attending IDM 4484 and believe me, it was pure fun out there!! May be because of the small strength, the class never extended beyond a certain time in the evenings on all four days of the course. That’s again a rare occurence. There were only a couple of them in the batch who were trained in IDM 345, because of which a few others had a bit of trouble in understanding some of the labs in IDM 4484 that had some dependancy on specific labs in IDM 345. And they have asked me to broadcast an imporant information to the public: IDM 345 (Sun Java System Identity Manager: Deployment Fundamentals) is a pre-requisite for attending IDM 4484 (Sun Java System Identity Manager: Advanced Deployment), a fact which I believe is already known to the world, yet no one seems to care about.

See my new friends in the picture below.

I am away from work for three days into this week to attend a family function. Wishing you all a good week ahead .

The Storage Guru

I met Carlo for the first time in Bangalore, almost two years back, when he had come down to speak about 3510 storage. He is one of those Instructors in APAC, who has his breakfast from one part of the globe and end up having his dinner the same day on another part on Earth, quite some distance apart . He is back again in India, this time to deliver a series of training program on Storages, which is concluding tomorrow and he’s flying back to Germany via Tokyo.

If at all I could figure out something common in Carlo and me, it’s the recurring throat problem . On my first rendezvous with Carlos in November 2005 in Bangalore, he was literally whispering after his class. And now a days when I find myself in a similar situation, it reminds me of Carlo. His advice to me is to have a cup of water ready on the table at all points of time during the speech. It’s quite a handy tip, but very often neglected. But of late, I have started to make it a point of have plenty of water during the speech. It has given me some positive results of course.

I had a short conversation with David Goldsmith on the phone some time back. He is all set for a 545 mile ride on his bicycle from San Francisco to Los Angeles for a noble cause. Please join me in wishing him good luck in this endeavour. You may read more about this and convey your wishes directly to David by clicking this link.