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Identity Manager Training

Currently, I am delivering a training on Sun Java System Identity Manager to a few folks belonging to different organizations. My experience in teaching this course has been truly marvellous and everytime I have taken up a course on IDM, I have managed to get some or the other fundamental concepts right. Well, this week it’s no different.

I knew much before I stepped into my classroom on the first day this week that I would have late evenings on all four days of this course. But then, this week my participants are running 12-13 hour session on all days! They are putting all attempts to perform the lab exercises very diligently. May be, I am talking too much in the class and they are left with no other option, but to stay back in the Sun labs and perform the lab exercises in the late evenings. Is it that I need to make my conversation curt and concise so that the people who would come for the training would get more time to perform the labs? Well, I do not know.

My audience was generous enough deviate their attention from the Sun books and raise their heads to pose for a photograph:)

Sun Java System Identity Manager:Advanced Deployment course is tough, isn’t it?

Sun Tech Days 2007 – Concluding Part

I have reached my home in Bangalore. Before I brief you on all that happened on the last day of the Sun Tech Days 2007, let me wish Sun Microsystems a Happy Twenty Fifth Birth Anniversary. I was told that Sun was officially born on February 24, 1982. In this context, I invite you all to read through this brief history of Sun Microsystems as time permits.

I reached the Sun Tech Days venue at around 7:30 A.M. Had to do some fixes on several machines to be used for Stacy’s Ajax Session. Things went on smoother than I expected and the machines with Solaris 10 Developer Edition were up and running just in time for Stacy to introduce his participants to the whole new and exciting world of Solaris OE and then on this actual curriculum. The number of participants who came for the hands on session on Ajax was close to hundred and each one of them got accustomed to the Solaris OE in no time. Published below is a photograph that was taken a few minutes before Stacy Thurston took the platform to talk about Ajax.

Most of the tasks in his session were conducted using the Netbeans and Sun Java System Application Server 9.0. Some of them attending this program were familiar with Netbeans, but not all of them, which of course was a little bit surprising. But otherwise none of them had any problem using the ‘unfamiliar’ Solaris 10 Operating Environment. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of them go back and try to install Solaris OS and use it as their development platform. Well, I would strongly say it is worth trying it.

Towards the end of the day, I felt very tired and was feeling so sleepy. It was really really tough to keep my eyes open. But somehow I managed to hang around till Stacy concluded his training. The labs for this course was done very religiously by most of the people, but if you are one among those who could not pay complete attention to the labs on Ajax or who could not make it to the venue for some reason or the other, Stacy has plans to publish his course slides and the lab files on his blogs. Please stay tuned.

By evening, most of the attendees had left the venue and the venue looked very empty. I don’t know whether I would meet Stacy again in the immediate future. I can only say that I enjoyed the moments that I spent with him. Thanks Stacy and have a pleasant stay in Singapore.

Stacy,myself and the whole of SLS, Bangalore are thankful to the gang below who played a crucial role in bringing up the labs just in time.Thank you folks and wish you all a bright future.

Sun Tech Days 2007 is considered to be the largest Developer Conference that happened in India. India’s leading Newspaper The Hindu has a report on this. It was well and truly a wonderful experience for me.

Sun Tech Days 2007 – Part III

I am writing this note as I travel in my car to my hotel from the Sun Tech Days venue here at Hyderabad. And the time now is 3:00 A.M. I had a very tiring, but exciting day at the Sun Tech Days 2007 event. Tiring because I was up till now and I even had to involve myself in brining up hundred Solaris boxes at the venue, where Stacy would deliver a class, and that wasn’t an easy job. Exciting because of the sense of satisfaction that I felt to have been a part and parcel of such an event and also to have met so many people in the process.

I moved around the venue this morning taking lot of snaps. I don’t think I have sufficient energy to sit and sort out the photographs and publish the same on my blog today. But I shall do that on reaching Bangalore on Friday night.

I also attended so many tracks that happened today, but wasn’t really in a position to pick up much. In between I made an attempt to speak to the audience who came down to the Java University stall. That wasn’t really a bad attempt I guess.

By around 8:30 P.M. we started to shift the Solaris boxes to the classroom and it got over only around 2:50 A.M. We had some trouble in getting the resolution of certain monitors right, but with access to people like Moinak and Madhu, it wasn’t a difficult job to debug and fix the issue very fast. Thanks to them for coming down to our venue to help us out.

On this note, I am stopping it here for the time being, purely because I am very tired and sleep is arresting me. I hope to have a couple of hours of sleep at my hotel and need to get back at the venue by around 7:30 A.M. tomorrow.

Sun Tech Days 2007 – Part II

Sun Tech Days 2007 kicked of in Hyderabad on a grand note. I reached there only by the middle of the day as I had to sneak into one of our partner’s site to see how much of Solaris installations were over for Stacy’s Ajax session on Friday. Amazingly, the guys out there had completed installation of Solaris 10 DE on over 80 machines over night. Considering the fact that most of the guys who were performing the installation of Solaris 10 Developer Edition were new to Solaris OE, this is a major achievement. I must thank the following people, who turned their night into day to work hard and complete the installation of Solaris 10 DE on hundred x86 boxes in just under two days: Shijith (RPS Consulting), Rajesh (NIIT ), Ravikanth(NIIT), Sreedhara Moorthy (Digital Media Technologies Ltd.), S Venugopal (Digital Media Technologies Ltd.), A Purushotham (Digital Media Technologies Ltd.), E Giribabu (Digital Media Technologies Ltd.), J Satish Kumar Reddy (Digital Media Technologies Ltd.). I wonder whether such a massive scale of installation of the newly released Solaris 10 Developer Edition has happened elsewhere. Let me also make it clear here that the guys involved in this whole process, were using the Solaris 10 DE DVD to install on each machine individually. Amazing job folks.

I went to the Sun Tech Days 2007 venue in the afternoon, but wasn’t in a position to sit through any of the tracks going on in there. That didn’t really stop me from moving around with my camera capturing pictures. One of them, you would see below:

At around 7:00 P.M. the renowned singer in this part of the world K.K rocked the stage with some of the Sun Tech Days delegates dancing all around him. I managed to use my mobile to take some pictures then. Sorry about the clarity of the same.

A few other photographs that I took today using my camera are displayed below. The resolution of the pictures are auto adjusted once you click on it.

Meanwhile, let me spend some time trying to figure out what little role did I play in the large scale Solaris 10 DE installation that happened in a day or so. Well, my role in this success could be negligible, for the folks about whom I talked about in the beginning of this entry did one hell of a job to get things moving. Thanks guys.

Sun Tech Days 2007 – Part I

In Hyderabad for the Sun Tech Days 2007. This largest Developer Conference in India would kick off in just under twelve hours from now.

I, of course had a bad experience on landing in Hyderabad airport. The cab that was arranged for me did not turn up on time and I ended up waiting at the Begumpet airport, Hyderabad for well over one hour thirty minutes. The lesser I talk about it, the better it is. Most part of today was spent with Stacy Thurston, who would talk about Ajax on 23rd of this month, which incidentally is the last day of the Sun Tech Days 2007. We both went to the NIIT center here in Hyderabad to prepare the volunteers for assisting Stacy during this session in Sun Tech Days 2007. Below you would see stacy actively involved in preparing volunteers for his session(All photographs in this blog entry is taken using my mobile phone and not a dedicated camera):

After conducting a session at NIIT, Stacy and myself went straight ahead to Sqlstar, where Shijith and company are doing the installation of Solaris 10 Developer Edition on hundred machines to be used for Stacy’s program. We tested the softwares on top of Solaris DE and believe me, things look good. Well, there is anyone among my dear readers, who would be sitting through Stacy’s session, then below photograph will tell you what would you see on Stacy’s hands on session.

Well, I guess I am too tired to scribble anything more. So let me hit the sack now. See you all @ Sun Tech Days 2007, Hyderabad.

Sun Java System Directory Server Training

Probably for the first time in my career, I completed a training on a Monday! The DIR 2337 course, which is a three day training program started on February 16th and concluded this evening. Sunday there was a break and I flew home for that one day. You would find below a set of people from HP and VSNL, who spent their three days with me discussing Sun Java System Directory Server concepts.

Tomorrow early morning I am flying to Hyderabad to participate in the Sun Tech Days 2007.

The ‘Sun Tech Days 2007’ Speaker is in Town

Reached Bangalore this morning. I spent most of my time with Stacy Thurston. He kept himself busy with the preparation for his session on Ajax during Sun Tech Days 2007 at Hyderabad. Got to know that his hands on sessions would be conducted on Solaris Express Developer Edition. Solaris Express DE got released only a couple of days back. Perhaps David Lindt’s blog is a good place to go and fetch more details and resources on Solaris Express DE.

I’m very tired (as is evident from my photograph with Stacy) and I need some good sleep tonight. So let me move away from here for the time being. And if you want to hear from Stacy what he was doing the whole day- apparently his first visit to India- then please read his blogs.

About Me

Writing has always been my choice of medium both to express pleasure and to relieve myself of immense grief. This writing, I’m afraid, would have a melacholy mood painted all over it. So read on, only if you would not mind it, else leave this entry untouched.

I have come home and I did so after I heard about my cousin’s death. He was one of those members in my family, who has played a major role in shaping my makeup. Ask anyone around and you would hear from them how safely he used to drive and ride. Yet destiny had something very different in store for him and his quota of life on earth ended in a head-on collision with a local bus on February the 6th 2007. We would take quite a while to recover from this shock for sure.

It is under these circumstances that I was tagged by Binu Kurup of Sun Learning Services(SLS) and it now becomes my duty to let the public know three things (its three in SLS and not five) about me. I must add here that the untimely demise of my cousin has certainly influenced my choice of three things about me that I am mentioning below:

(1) For a very long time I have been in the process of jotting down all that I remember from my past, mainly as an expression of gratitude towards all those who have played major roles in various phase of my life. A good friend of mine suggested me a title for my story: Soliloquy. With a sincere hope that I would be able to publish this work of mine very soon, I hereby display the coverpage of my book about which only my close friends were aware till now.

(2) Nothing in my life has affected me as deeply and as profoundly as the story of Anu, my cousin.

(3) On 11th May 1991, seven of us miraculously escaped a major train accident. The omni in which we were travelling was hit by a slow moving train, causing severe damage to our vehicle, but leaving most of us with only some minor injuries. Should you wish to know more on this, you may kindly read about the complete incident here .

An Expression of Gratitude

This evening I completed a training on Sun Java System Access Manager in Bangalore. This note is specially for David Goldsmith, who is also the lead course developer for this course. I have no words to express my gratitude to him for all the help that he rendered during this week in answering all my questions on Access Manager, very patiently in a detailed manner. This week has been a productive week for me, if not for anyone else. David, the group in this picture is really thankful to you for all your support.

And guys, thanks for the wonderful ‘teach back’ sessions this evening. Good luck:)