Sun Guru – Phase II

I am a couple of days late in writing this note. But it is better to be late than never. The second phase of the Sun Guru program got over this evening. I had a role to play in this program during the last weekend and it was mainly to talk about the features of Solaris 10 to the teachers of some reputed Engineering Colleges in this part of the world. Last time when I took up a similar program, I had lost my voice completely about which I had written a blog entry as well. But this time ,thank heavens, no hiccups.

I don’t need to tell you how it feels to stand before an elderly audience and do a job, which they are so much accustomed to. This coupled with the fact that they all came from Institutes (PSG Coimbatore, NIT Suratkal, NIT Trichy, NIT Warangal), that produce some really good Engineers sent shivers down my spine. But such initial thoughts and feelings gave way for some serious discussions on the features of Solaris 10 that included SMF and Solaris Containers. I can safely mention here that my two days spent with them was indeed very productive. Unfortunately, I could not be a part of the last two days of this program, but I read about it here.

I must add here that the efforts that Vardhini is putting in organizing events like this is commendable. Many University students across this nation would derive enormous benefit out of programs of this sort. Unlike my college days, a majority of Engineering students would now know that there is a big computing world out here ready to be explored. I sincerely hope that several colleges in India take initiative to participate in this program and thereby make their students aware of the enormous opportunity that is available for them.

When the Titans Tie-up

Felt dull this morning; reason unknown. This day appeared no special to me. With little interest, I powered on my laptop. A few E-mails sneaked into my inbox. The one I chose to read first was Jonathan’s E-mail to the whole Sun family. Its starting line said, “Today is a remarkable day for Sun.”

As I ran through this letter from the CEO, a sense of excitement started to build in me. A day that seemed to start on a dreary note was turning out to be a special one for Sun and all at Sun. It is a special news and it should be heard from the people who matter. So let’s part now and join here to know more on the giant leap that Sun has taken in the Industry this day. And if there are some out there, who still think I am biased towards Sun, then hear it from them.

The Vision of SUN

There is one specific entry in Jonathan Schwartz’s blog that I read more than often: When I First Met Scott…. And every time I have travelled across this Nation to deliver a seminar on Java, I have made it a point to mention about this hair-raising article to the audience out there. What fascinated me the most was the vision of Scott (read every Sun Employee): The Network is the Computer. In the same blog entry, you would also find a mentioning about the so called Chicago Project. May be it is pure coincidence that a week forward to reading this article (that was a few months after Jonathan published this entry), I came across a column by Anand Parthasarathy in The Hindu Newspaper headlined Microsoft ready to give up the PC ‘mindset’. Upon reading the article, it required no time for me to realize that Microsoft was just repeating a statement that percolated from SUN several years back!

And this evening, I was guided to another piece of writing on the web, which talks about the Uninspiring Vista. The interesting fact is that this report is authored by a die-hard Windows fan. Let me make your life easy: It just discusses how simple and easy a Mac OS is as compared to the about-to-release Vista. I don’t intend to spend any more of my time comparing Mac OS with Windows, for I’m certain that there are many out there who wouldn’t digest these facts. To them, I will tell a tale:Please read it here. But what caught my attention the most was the author’s last few statements. Well, go ahead and read it and then you’ll know that slowly, but steadily Sun’s Vision is being realized and it indeed is the future. I sincerely wish to play my part in fulfulling this vision.

A Visitor in Bangalore

It always feels nice to have an open-hearted conversation about the professional experience, especially with a veteran overseas counterpart. Agreed that there exists several modes of communication in this day and age, which has narrowed down the geographical barriers; yet a table talk, to me, has a special value for sure. I missed Ser Chay Heng on my journey to Singapore. And he flew down from Singapore to Bangalore this week, not to meet me of course, but for a very serious reason: to talk about Sun Java System Portal Server.

It was nice to have him around in the evenings to have a cup of coffee from one of my favourite coffee outlets here in Bangalore, where otherwise I spend some solitary sessions occasionally on my stroll back home from office. His experience reflected in most of the things that he spoke; and the four days that I spent with him, both inside the class as a student – not very obedient though- and outside the class as a colleague shall remain memorable. Thanks Ser Chay.

Ser Chay’s training was attended by a batch of ‘developer community’ from Infosys. It was fun to have them around as well. The abrupt change of plan to cut short the training by a day gave me no time to replace the drained batteries of my camera. I am grateful to the lady dressed in yellow for the photo posted below:

Have a great career folks.

Sun Cluster Training

I completed one more batch for the Sun Cluster training this week. That takes my tally to a total of just over a dozen programs on this product, spanning a score months or so. And I’m sure there is more such programs in store for me in future as well. During one of those days, I was searching for some information on cluster for the gentlemen in picture below and I came across this useful link on the New Command Set for Solaris Cluster 3.2. Looks promising.

I’ll be back.

A weekend with Solaris 10

I feel immensly satisfied to have spent the first weekend of this New Year talking on Solaris 10 New Features to some really enthusiastic bunch of guys from ANZ. Half a dozen months had elapsed since I last took up this course. Taking up this course has always been a challenge as it covers a wide range of topics in Solaris 10, without discussing anything in depth. And this time around, I was expected to complete this course in four days (04/Jan – 07/Jan) as against the normal five day time frame. Luckily, my good friends who spent their weekend with me to have a look at the New Features of this blockbuster OS were matured enough to understand what is relevant for them and extended their co-operation to the fullest extent in helping me complete my first assignment this New Year on a good note.

I have heard many mixed opinions about the contents of this course from various people. I don’t intend to express my personal opinion about this course here, but the men in the picture below should be able to give us their review about this course. Meanwhile, let me invite you all to have a look at the following courses on Solaris 10, which I think can rightly be called as an “upgrade course” on Solaris: Make the Transition to the Solaris 10 Operating System and Solaris 10 Containers.

Have a good week ahead:)