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Home Sweet Home

After a week’s stay in Singapore, I have hit home in Bangalore. Woke up as early as 3:30 A.M. SST to catch my flight at 7:50 A.M. SST. While in flight, I had a quick flash back of my stay and training in Singapore. The streets in Singapore were all lit up as a part of the preparation for the Christmas celebrations. There were music all around the place. Shopping malls were overcrowded with people from different parts of the world. The impressions of all this were indelibly printed in my mind that I had dreams of being in there during my afternoon nap today at home. The only problem, if I may say so, that I had in Singapore was the difficulty in getting hold of some vegetarian food. But otherwise I enjoyed the stay there and more importantly the moments that I spent with those guys who had come down for the training from various places. Along with some good memories, I carried back with me the following photograph, which we took during one of those training days.

I must mention my thanks here to Dr. Rex Di Bona (the gentleman in yellow coloured T shirt) for taking some interesting sessions on Solaris Internals.

The world is small

What I enjoy the most in my profession is the opportunity that I have to meet so many people in such a short span of time. With the certain degree of open-mindedness that I possess, all my participants have been good teachers to me, giving subtle lessons on several aspects in life. Everytime I conclude a training program, I do so with a hope that I would, one day or the other, stumble upon my audience in some part of this globe. And I am taken to believe that there is nothing in this life as lovely as the wonderful moments of togetherness. Today, after a considerable gap of almost an year, I met up with a couple of my friends, who got introduced to me through the exciting world of Solaris. And this small note, is an expression of my gratitude to them to have taken time out from their busy schedule to come and meet me and then offer a lavish dinner in an Indian restuarant out here in Singapore.

An Evening to remember

Had no problem getting to my training venue this morning except that I got there a bit late and had five of them waiting for me to get started. Apart from me there are four more participants for this training. They are all from different parts of this globe: Singapore, United States, Indonesia and Japan. And my Instructor, Rex Di Bona, is from Sydney, Australia. We had a good start to the Solaris Internals course. Rex is well experienced in this field and I am dead sure to have four more interesting days with him.

In the Evening, my friend Yusuke from Sun, Japan and myself set out for a visit to the famous Little India in here. I had been to Little India last evening as well. Believe me, I walked all the way from my hotel to Little India and back to my hotel yesterday. And today, we took two trains to reach there. One from the City Hall MRT to Dhoby Ghaut and the second one from Dhoby Ghaut Interchange to Little India.Of all the things in Little India, what attracted my friend the most, I reckon, was theSri Veeramakaliamman Temple. We also got into one of those Indian restuarants to have some snacks. And here you see my friend enjoying the taste of a delicious South Indian food.

We then had a lengthy walk from the resturant to the Mustafa Centre, which was over crowded. But of course a good place to do some last minute shopping.

We then parted to our respective destinations. For all that we spoke about India, Japan and various other things, and for the long walk that we had through the busy streets of Little India, this evening in Singapore would go down as one of the memorable evenings in my life.

Welcome to the Lion City

In Singapore. Stationed at the 14th floor of a hotel located in the Stamford Road. Look below, and you would see what I see from my balcony here.

I am here to attend a Solaris Internals Training. The training center is in Ngee Ann City Tower B, Orchad Rd. I wanted to spot the training venue today itself so that I wouldn’t have to spend time tomorrow going through the map and searching for the place. So I used the MRT from the City Hall to Orchad in the North South Line. Reaching Orchad wasn’t a problem, but finding out the Sun Education Center in the Ngee Ann Tower was. It took me almost half an hour to figure out that the Sun Education Center was located in the 11th floor of the Ngee Ann Tower B. Now that I have found out the venue, I hope I can hit the place tomorrow early.

After three weeks full of events, it is rather boring to be finding myself alone in my hotel room. I hope things would be in place once I get to the class tomorrow. But for the time being, let me sit in my room and contemplate over the mysteries of life. For now, it’s bye.

Back to the basics

So after a of week of Advanced Deployment lessons on Sun Java System Identity Manager, this week I took the platform to talk about its fundamentals. And in the photograph below, you would see my friends who were my audience this week. Most of ’em knew this product and some of them are already working on it. They sneaked in just to know the missing links.

Not of all of them, who came to hear my lecture are in the picture above. And there is something in the snap above that makes me feel giddy on my continuous stare. This photo is slightly tilted, giving a feel that all of us stood on the deck of a sinking ship. That certainly is not the case as everyone seems to bear a happy face. But if you feel I look slighly tired in there, then probably you got something right. I am a bit tired and getting drenched in the rain last night has only made things worse. With your permission then, let me leave you with this short note, promising to see you soon; very soon.

Java Goes Open Source

Some moments are really special; and some dates, requires special mentioning. A few years from now, 13th November 2006, would be looked upon as a day, which marked the beginning of a new era in the evolution of a programming language, whose inception dates back to the early ’90s by a few engineers @ Sun. What could that programming language do to the world of Internet is a fact well-known to the public. And I would only be boring my dearest audience if I repeat the success stories of the wonderful programming language called Java. I would also be failing in my duty if I don’t tell you now what I am expected to say.

Today, on 13th November 2006, Sun Opens its very own Java Programming Language. Well, what more can I say other than to request you, very humbly, to watch the live event coverage of the same on Sun Website at 9:30 PST. I realize that I am not the person to authoritatively talk about this decision, but this gentleman certainly is. I can also guarantee that there would be a lot many people in here, who would express themselves on this decision of making Java open.

And if Java is made open, where does Joe Parlang’s creation stand? Well, even that goes open source!!

And finally before we part, let us also hear one more time to what the creator of Java has to say to the Java Community. Let’s read his open letter to the Java Community and then wait in anticipation to see what effect this decision would have in the years to follow.

The Sun Java System Identity Manager Boot Camp is Back

Not so long ago, there existed a boot camp on Sun’s leading User Provisioning Tool which is now replaced by a combination of two courses offered by Sun Learning Services viz. IDM 345 & IDM 4484. I have written elsewhere in this blog about the IDM 345 training program and my experience with different participants from different organizations in this corner of the globe. Hence that story needs no retelling. But to give you a brief one liner: these two courses covers the deployment of Sun Java System Identity Manager 5.5 version in a phased manner, the four phases (Regulatory Compliance & Self Service, Delegated Administration, Data Synchronization and Self Service) being distributed equally across the two courses, well almost. That means to say that the IDM 4484 training program titled “Sun Java System Identity Manager:Advanced Deployment” picks up from where IDM 345 stops. This implies, if not plainly expresses, that the audience of the second part of the IDM “boot camp” be thorough with the labs of IDM 345 training program.

And this of course was a cause of concern for me on my stroll towards the Sun Education Center here in Bangalore during the early hours of a fine morning on 06th the November 2006, that not all of my participants for the IDM 4484 training program had a chance to sit through the IDM 345 class conducted earlier. Yeah you rightly guessed that it was also the first ever delivery of Sun Java System Identity Manager: Advanced Deployment course, coded IDM 4484.

A quick recap of IDM 345 was a need of the hour even for those who have had a feel of the same and hence half a day of day one of IDM 4484 went in that fashion. And in the afternoon on day one, we stepped into the discussion on Flat File Active Sync aka FFAS and in turn into the labs. In a few minutes time it was clear to them, my participants, that they would have to write their own Rules from the psuedo code mentioned in the lab exercises book, unlike the step by step lab instructions in the IDM 345 course and that wasn’t all that easy job. And when they started getting the feel of the intriguing lab exercises in IDM 4484, they wondered if it was feasible to extend the training program by one day from four days to five days. But their request was turned down immediately, much to their disappointment of course. On day one, a few of them stayed till 8:30 P.M. to complete the labs. Well, that was to become a routine on the subsequent days of this training.

The intensity of the atmosphere within the classroom on all the days can hardly be reproduced in writing. It was agreed by one and all that the course and the labs were extremely good, but tough. And when it came to the modules on workflows, they literally were sitting on the edge of their seats trying to figure out what could have caused those funny errors, all kinds of them, preventing them from moving ahead with the course. Amazingly, most of them raised themselves to a different level, worked together wholeheartedly and solved majority of the problems that popped up during the exhaustive lab sessions. I must congratulate them to have displayed extreme professionalism in employing their minds to perform all the labs very diligently. I need not mention here that the maturity of audience is a major factor in the successful completion of any training program and these bunch of guys whom you see in the snap below with apparently happy faces are the ones, who made my first IDM 4484 course delivery not only a grand success, but memorable. Thank you so much folks and good luck with your Sun Java System Identity Manager projects.

I was looking forward for my first delivery on this course and I am extremely happy and satisfied that it went through fine. Well, if anyone of you wishes to know the real meaning of the word “boot camp,” I invite them to register for the energy sapping sessions on IDM 4484 and I bet my life, they would realise the meaning of it in just a few moments time. But before you do so, make sure you pick up a few lessons on Sun’s Identity Manager through IDM 345, for otherwise, you might find yourself at sea trying to catch up with the lessons in the Identity Manager Advanced Deployment Course.


I was silent for quite some time because I was asked to remain silent. The Mumbai journey for the IDM 345 unfortunately gifted me a sore throat. And I cosulted with one of the ENT specialist in a famous hospital in this part of the world and what he told me incidentally is the title of this log entry. My condition was so bad that the doctor advised me to carry a pen and paper to communicate! Luckily, I journeyed home for a week and worked from there for a couple of days. My plan was not to say a word during my stay at home. But with my parents and talkative sister around, keeping quiet of course was next to an impossible mission. And as if it wasn’t enough, one of those days my cousin, my friend and myself set out for a journey to the Kuttalam waterfalls, which is located in the state of Tamil Nadu. We had to go for my friend’s enagement and from there we travelled to the aforesaid place. The journey onward was excellent: full of fun and rain all the way. But the backward journey was really pathetic due to bad roads. I am sure it wasn’t really a pleasant experience for my cousin to drive all the way through those really bad road. I here unto append a photograph taken at one of the view points en route Kuttalam waterfalls. The gentleman alongside me is my cousin who drove the car all through our trip and then fell sick the following day


After a week stay at home, I travelled to Hyderabad to deliver an Advanced Administration Training on Solaris 10 Operating Environment to the folks at UBS. I was told that the UBS building, which was also my training venue last week came up in a few months time in a deserted place full of rocks. I had a few smooth sessions on Solaris in there in spite of the fact that I was delivering a Solaris training after quite some time. My throat problem continued to bother me and I ended up buying a big pack of salt, which I used at my hotel to gargle with hot water!

I happened to mention to my participants about the Project Blackbox and one of those guys couldn’t help but laugh his heart out, when stumbled upon the amazing photographs on Project Blackbox. I am sure he reacted so because he was wonder-struck by such a simple, yet extraordinary idea of packaging a datacenter in a self contained container. I don’t blame him, for my reaction wasn’t any different from his, when I first came to know about this project not so long ago.

For security reasons, I couldn’t carry my camera in UBS campus. But a participant of mine was kind enough to get hold of a camera official and took a few photographs, one of which is presented below:

Not all the participants are present in that photograph. Some of them were very busy with calls and conferences. So I couldn’t get hold of them on time for this snap. Sorry about that folks.

Yesterday I spent the whole day in Sun Education lab preparing the lab for the next weeks class. Well, that’s a surprise about which I will talk only in a few days time. All I can tell you now is that I am quit excited, at the same time a bit nervous, about this forthcoming assignment. Everything, I believe, has its own time and until the time comes to talk about this new assignment of mine, let me put my lips to silence.